Why You Should Be Eating Honey

There are numerous reasons as to why people should eat honey. It is known that honey contains pollen, and when people who have allergies eat the pollen (a substance that can cause allergies to flare up), it acts as a kind of vaccination against allergy-causing pollen, in that the body creates antibodies to defend against the pollen. The body then starts to build an immunity against pollen, causing a less negative response by the body to the pollen when it comes in contact with it again later on.

Honey can also be used as part of a homemade sleep aid. Upon ingestion of honey mixed with warm milk, the body’s insulin level is raised, which in turn causes a release of serotonin, which is a substance known to improve one’s mood and can be helpful in overcoming insomnia.

Like sugars in general, honey is a great source of energy and is therefore helpful when it comes to enhancing one’s athletic performance. Because it’s an unprocessed sugar, it enters the bloodstream easily and delivers a boost of energy quickly.

Honey’s positive properties don’t only occur by taking it internally. Part of what makes honey “honey” is that it contains a protein named defensin-1.5. This protein is acts as an anti-bacterial agent by destroying certain essential bacterial proteins.

Poured on wounds, the antibiotic properties of honey can soothe and disinfect cuts. A study published in 2005 said that the vast majority of patients who were suffering from leg wounds and ulcers and who were treated with topical applications of honey showed what was termed to be “remarkable” improvement.

Key Points:

  • 1Honey can help alleviate allergies and help you get to sleep at night.
  • 2Honey coupled with figs can help athletic performance in anyone.
  • 3Honey can help fight dandruff, treat wounds, and fight infections.

Honey has been known to be a treasure chest, filled to the brim with hidden nutritional and medicinal value for centuries.

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