While apple cider vinegar has been promoted as a major weight loss elixir, this might not actually be the case. Even though clinical trials showed that it helped mice lose weight, it is not necessarily the same for humans. Apple cider vinegar does have some positive outcomes though and is healthy to consume.

The myth about apple cider vinegar helping with weight loss came from one study in Japan, in which people who consumed apple cider vinegar did lose more weight than those who did not. However, researchers have been unable to duplicate this study so far.

Some other studies have shown that apple cider vinegar consumption can lower blood sugar in type two diabetics after a meal, as well, but this benefit doesn’t necessarily help those without the condition.

Additionally, those consuming apple cider vinegar should be aware that it is highly acidic and can irritate the stomach. The acidity can also damage the enamel of the teeth. Ultimately, there are better ways to obtain the health benefits from apple cider vinegar such as eating healthy foods in a well rounded diet full of nutrients and vitamins. This would be advisable to avoid the side effects of consumption. Cheers!

Key Points:

  • 1While ACV did help people lose weight in a study back in 2009, it wasn’t enough weight to really matter.
  • 2AVC looks like it is helping those with diabetes, but more studies need to be done.
  • 3While there are possible health benefits from ACV there are far more damaging things it can do to our body, so if one wants to lose weight, their best bet would be to just work out and eat healthy.

The evidence that apple cider vinegar has health benefits looks quite promising, however it’s still a little too early to draw conclusions as it’s still quite limited.


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One thought on “Will Apple Cider Vinegar Really Help You Lose Weight?

  1. nizar

    My wife drinks a glass of water with TSP of ACV every morning, when she gets up. I believe strongly that she is losing weight.

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