Yogurt Can Harm Your Gut…

Yogurt Can Harm Your Gut…

…and Keep Your Midsection Looking Bloated

If you eat yogurt to get healthy probiotics, improve your digestive health, and reduce tummy pooch, bloating, and occasional constipation, there’s bad news.

Most store-bought yogurts (especially the best tasting ones) are making things worse, not better, for your gut and your health.

While commercials show perky women flaunting their flat, sexy midsections, sharing how happy they are to not be constipated…the truth is, unfortunately, quite the opposite.

The Reality

Most yogurts contain so much sugar that they promote the growth of bad bacteria in your gut, upsetting the all-important balance between good probiotics and bad microbes.

You see, good bacteria keep bad bacteria from passing through the intestinal wall and getting into your bloodstream. It’s nature’s way of keeping you healthy. But if good bacteria become outnumbered and the delicate balance is disturbed, your wellbeing and digestive health can be in danger. And yogurt could be the cause.

Another Problem

Yogurt is also high in lactose, a natural sugar found in dairy that many have trouble breaking down (lactose intolerance). The result can be stomach rumbling, inflammation, and gas, making you feel bloated, fat, and miserable.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Yogurt and ‘Hello’ to Probiotic Supplements…

…so you can wake up with a flatter stomach, more good belly bacteria, and better digestive health.

BUT… the trick is choosing a high quality probiotic.

There are two issues to consider:

  1. Probiotics are sensitive to their environment. During manufacturing, up to 27% of active spores can be destroyed. Next, shipping and storage can prematurely activate live probiotics, meaning they ‘die’ sitting in cold trucks and hot warehouses.
  2. It gets worse. Once swallowed, live probiotics have to make their way through the stomach. The majority won’t survive the acidic conditions and will perish before they have any chance to work. It’s been calculated that less than one-quarter of 1 percent get to your small intestine (that’s 0.25%, if you want to know.)

Don’t be fooled by the millions or billions of live bacteria touted on other labels… it’s all about how many arrive alive to your gut.

ProbioSlim™ – Probiotics and Weight Loss

ProbioSlim does what typical yogurt can’t. It breaks the vicious cycle of bloating, belly bulge, and poor digestive health with a patented probiotic strain that’s fortified to survive and deliver results.  ProbioSlim also adds a proprietary thermogenic blend to encourage weight loss and fat burning, plus a powerful energy component to jumpstart your sluggish metabolism.

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There are at least 4 reasons why ProbioSlim™ is a superior choice:

  1. The primary ingredient is the patented probiotic strain called LactoSpore®, which is formulated to withstand manufacturing, transportation, and storage.  Just as important, LactoSpore is able to survive the stomach’s acidic environment so 95% of its spores make it through to the small intestine. Ninety-five percent!
  2. ProbioSlim also contains EGCG, a compound legendary for its ability to pull fat from all the right places. It has been featured on numerous TV shows, and women in particular swear by it. Combined with LactoSpore’s ability to flatten a bloated belly, ProbioSlim can help you look slimmer and trimmer.
  3. ProbioSlim includes sustained energy for a smooth metabolic boost to help control cravings and keep you focused.
  4. Finally, ProbioSlim is manufactured in America under strict quality standards in FDA-inspected facilities. Raw materials are tested for quality and potency to ensure ProbioSlim delivers exactly what the label promises (you’d be surprised and shocked at how many probiotic products don’t).

Here’s the Best Part – You Can Try a FREE Sample of ProbioSlim™

ProbioSlim delivers a greater percentage of live spores than run-of-the-mill probiotics. As a part of a reduced-calorie diet, it helps you improve digestive health, maintain intestinal balance, flatten your tummy, have more energy, and tip the scales in your favor.

It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that 95% of spores is better than 0.25%…  and a FREE SAMPLE  of ProbioSlim is the best deal… EVER.

CLICK HERE for your free supply… then see first-hand what ProbioSlim can do for you:

  • Improve Digestive Health
  • Rev a Sluggish Metabolism
  • Reduce Bloating & Belly Bulge
  • Help You Look & Feel Stunning, not Stuffed

ProbioSlim is a brand powered by Harvard- and MIT- trained health gurus who strive to deliver the best products to their loyal customers. The research team at ProbioSlim set out to create an innovative supplement to not only provide comprehensive digestive support, but also help you lose weight safely and naturally. With rigorously researched ingredients, their first product was a breakout success at major retailers like GNC, CVS, and Walmart. They continue to challenge themselves daily to improve their existing products and look for the next big thing that can change peoples' lives.


  1. Tabby Echols Reply

    Can eating too much yogurt cause diarrhea ? I eat 3 to 4 a day and I have had horrible diarrhea for going on 3 weeks now. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  2. trina j Reply

    i was eating yogurt every day, alone with granola sprinkle in it, i started getting heart burn, the blotting in the stomach, now all of a Sudden i got what we call a lie bump on my tongue it hurts so bad, do you think all of this is the cause of eating too much yogurt?

  3. albey Reply

    what keeps the probiotics in ProbioSlim safe from the harsh conditions of the cold shipping trucks, hot warehouses, and stomach acids that the other product cant compete with? is this article sponsored by ProbioSlim? Are there natural sources to get healthy probiotics into your system?

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