The 5 Stages of (Sleep) Loss

Having a baby means losing something important–sleep. Life grief, the mother goes through five stages of loss with sleep. At first, she is in denial and does not believe it will be that bad. Then after the baby arrives, she recognizes that sleep is a thing of the past and enters the anger stage. In the third stage, bargaining, she would trade most creature comforts for a night’s sleep, and her very soul for a week’s worth of rest. The fourth stage is desperation. When the mother gets rest, she turns from a crying wreck to being optimistic and energized. Finally, even though she still has times of denial, anger, bargaining and desperation, she reaches the fifth stage of acceptance and recognizes that the time of sleeplessness will pass.

Key Points:

  • 1Motherhood causes loss of sleep to the author.
  • 2Loss of sleep has changed the author’s personality.
  • 3The author finally came to the “acceptance” stage. She realizes that different kids have different challenges. Her son is “a challenging sleeper”

But that joy, no matter how strong, cannot erase the bitterness I feel when my alarm goes off every morning and I’ve calculated my net total of sleep for the night.

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