Asthma Linked to an Increased Time to Pregnancy

Trying to become pregnant? Could it be your Asthma? A new clinical observation study published in the European Respiratory Journal adds to more information that identifies a link between fertility in women and asthma. During fertility treatment in this observational study, women with asthma required almost double the average time to get pregnant than with non-asthmatic women. Not only that but, asthmatic women had fewer successful conceptions than those without asthma again by nearly double. The trend was seen more so in women as their age was older.

Asthma, it seems, is having a big impact on fertility in women. So far, the answer is to encourage women with asthma to become pregnant earlier to side step the difficulties they may encounter and begin talking to their doctors about treatment for asthma pre-conception early.

Read the full article here:
Asthma linked to an increased time to pregnancy


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