Average Age of First-Time Moms in U.S. Still Rising: CDC

The average age women have been having their first child has steadily increased. More so in recent years. Where teen pregnancies tend to be more unplanned in nature, there are several reasons why later in life planned pregnancies are occurring.

Some of the reasons why are related to waiting longer to get married, something that’s been trending upward in America over the years. A change in social status and family roles noticeably a main cause. There are also clear divisions between classes, and races, deciding when they get married and have children.

Education and career choices have had the biggest impact on both teen pregnancy and having more children later in life. Where younger pregnancies have steadily decreased, older child birth has risen and this may even be impacting fertility. For now America is on the edge of numbers needed to maintain population.

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Average Age of First-Time Moms in U.S. Still Rising: CDC


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