Benefits of Abstinence

Marriage is an institution that has been sacred for centuries. Today it has become more of a legally binding contract between two adults who have intentions of spending the rest of their lives together. The part that is legally binding allows the pair to enjoy some financial benefits to help them raise their children but the spiritual binding of the pair is also important.

The Bible tells us that sex was given to man as a gift from God that should be enjoyed between a man and woman after they have been joined together by God and the laws of the state. However, throughout time there have been men and women who wanted to enjoy these pleasures outside of marriage.

Men and women have sought the company of escorts or had physical relationships outside of marriage. Then as the sexual revolution reached its pinnacle in the 1960’s societal norms turned away from the idea of a monogamous relationship between two people and expanded to include all types of sexual relationships both before and after marriage.

Since that decline in social morals society has also recorded a record number of divorces, increase in number of brothels and adult stores catering to every type of sexual whim there might be. After almost 50 years of sexual promiscuity society is once again examining the benefits of practicing abstinence before marriage.

Sociologists have found that there are many benefits for both teens and adults to remain celibate prior to marriage. Research and statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau points to several results that place both men and women at higher risk when they practice sex before marriage.

For instance statistics show that those who live together prior to marriage report a higher amount of dissatisfaction with sex after marriage, a greater dissatisfaction with emotional attachment and have a higher divorce rate than those who didn’t live together prior to marriage.

Interestingly research from law enforcement shows that women who live with their romantic partner are 9 times more likely to be murdered by that partner than those who are married.

When examining other statistics in Britain researchers found that women between 15 and 35 had an average of 10 different sexual partners. The greater the number of partners the greater the risk of acquiring a sexual transmitted disease such as syphilis, herpes or AIDS. Some of these diseases are nothing more than an irritation while others are life-threatening or life ending. And it has been found that those who have one disease are more likely to have another.

For instance those who suffer from HIV or AIDS have a higher likelihood of having herpes. These comorbid conditions make it more difficult to treat the disease that is the most threatening to the health of the individual.

Researchers have also proven that those women and men who practice abstinence prior to marriage in their teen years are more likely to complete their education and become gainfully employed. Those who aren’t abstinent have a much higher risk of making choices that negatively impact their ability to become gainfully employed and results in more people drawing on public aid for assistance.

The benefits of practicing abstinence before marriage are far reaching and go far beyond the belief that we should be able to enjoy a few short minutes of physical pleasure outside of marriage. The consequences of those short minutes can negatively impact the remainder of the individuals life in ways that are physical (acquiring disease), emotional (pregnancy, not completing school) and financial (inability to find work without an education).


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Susan Kroll
29. October 2009
Susan Kroll
29. October 2009
Thanks for the straight facts about abstinence.


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