The Bright Side of Your First Postpartum

The Bright Side of Your First Postpartum

One might argue that the easiest part of having a child, is giving birth. We moms wait 9 long, sometimes miserable months to meet our bundle of joy. When our first child is born, the world is new again, a new chapter has begun. This time with our baby is wonderful but also very challenging. It is the challenges that can catch us all of guard. It can turn our first few months with our baby into a struggle. But thank goodness for people like Kim Mower who shows us the upside to postpartum. Who would have thought there could be an upside to a hormonal imbalance that drives us crazy. Be open minded and prepared to smile with her view of postpartum, it is a trip you should take for a few minutes.

Key Points:

  • 1Postpartum is such a glorious time to hold your baby and get lost in the world of being a mother.
  • 2No matter if you have twins, if you’re one and done, or if you go on to have ten children, you only get to truly immerse yourself in the first eight-weeks one time in your life.
  • 3You know the reality that you will soon face and as hard as it was being a first time parent, nothing is scarier than having to do it again but this time with a toddler.

I was jealous because postpartum life with your first newborn is like no other time. While there is no way to sugarcoat the realities of the first weeks of motherhood in hindsight that time is actually incredibly awesome. A time you will never, ever have again

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