Burning Calories During Pregnancy

Burning Calories During Pregnancy

When you eat the right amount of calories during pregnancy you will have a healthy weight gain. You can track healthy weight gain through pregnancy using an average scale of gaining one to four pounds during your first trimester and two to four pounds per month during your second and third trimesters.

The rule of thumb is most women need about 300 extra calories every day during the last five to six months of pregnancy for good fetal development. This will combine to a healthy weight gain of about one pound each week. If you consume too few calories your body may begin to take the calories from stores that are needed for healthy pregnancy weigh gain and baby development.

Replenish the calories you burn by doing moderately intense cardio exercise every week. This may sound a bit off, but exercise will give you physical benefits as well as psychological health. Exercise will also help you to eat better; you need to eat to prevent your intake from dipping below your energy needs.

If you eat the right number of calories and replenish them quickly you will ensure that your baby is receiving the proper amount of nourishment. The old saying that you are eating for two can be correct in the fact that you are eating for two different body types and nutritional needs.

Always make sure you are eating low-fat dairy, plus the adequate amounts of proteins and vegetables. Fruits and whole grains need to be a part of your pregnancy diet. These foods will help provide your body with energy and nutrient dense calories. You need to gain weight while you are pregnant, but in a healthy and timely manner.

Nutritionists and the medical community love it when mothers gain the proper amount of weight. You can gain the proper amount of weight by eating foods that are highly nutritious. Empty calorie foods do little to help your body stay healthy while pregnant. Nutrient dense foods have a lot of nutrition in a small amount