Veterans of the process can agree: the birthing process is full of hope, expectation, love, and planning; however, not all of that diligence and preparation is often met with a birth that goes by the books. It can be difficult to come to terms with an unexpected or negative experience surrounding the birth of one’s child. Bailey Gaddis, a veteran doula who had delivered babies for over 30 years, has many smart recommendations to stay sane when it feels like the most important moment in your family’s life has been left to chance. Bailey reminds mamas that they are strong for their babies, and have the courage to adapt to change and still give themselves gratitude in the process: it is what not only they deserve, but also their new families.

Key Points:

  • 1Its ok to reward yourself for the things that did go well when it came to delivering your baby.
  • 2You should be proud to know that you were brave and showed a lot of courage no matter what happens.
  • 3Just like anything in life, what happens happens. The birth that you ended up happening was meant to be.

The energy of all that unknown, all that disappointment, can linger for awhile after baby is born, and that is OK. You are so allowed to feel that, to express that, to move through that on your own terms.

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