Diaper Bag Necessities

Diaper Bag Necessities

There is so much a new baby needs.  And you can never know quite what your baby will need when you are out in about.  Are diaper bags necessary? And how do you know what to pack in them so you aren’t packing the whole house to go out for just a few hours?  What you keep in your diaper bag can depend on a few things. How old is your baby is, how long you will be out and about, and where you are going.




There are some main essentials to keep in your diaper bag always.  The main thing you will need to pack for is changing diapers. Pack enough diapers for about one or two diapers an hour you will be out.  Next make sure you have enough wipes. Either keep a refillable wipe container in your diaper bag so you can restock each time you go out so you won’t run out while you are on the go or you can just put in a new packet if you don’t think the one you had will last you the whole day.  You will also want to take a portable changing pad. These are great and usually don’t take up too much space and you will know your baby won’t be touching bathroom changing tables with their skin. Pack disposable plastic bags to tie up dirty diapers in. It isn’t always a necessary but if your baby suffers from it you can pack diaper rash cream in your diaper bag as well.  It’s also a good idea to keep some hand sanitizer in your bag for yourself.  




The next thing you will need is for feeding your baby.  Pack enough bottles for feedings in the time you will be out.  If you are formula feeding pre portion out your water in your bottles before hand if you don’t think you will have access to distilled water.  You can also use a formula dispenser to pre portion out the formula for feedings as well. If you are breastfeeding you then will want to make sure you pack enough milk you have pumped or pack a feeding cover and nursing pads.  Pack a couple of burp clothes, you never know when a spit up may occur. Depending on the age of your child you may need to pack a sippy cup and some snacks.  


Other Essentials


Here are some other essentials you may want to pack for your baby.  A good thing to pack is an extra set of clothes. You never know what may happen when out and about from spit up to diaper blowouts.  So having one or more extra clothes in your bag can be very handy. Other things you may want to pack are a pacifier and a blanket to help soothe your baby.  Depending on the weather you will want to pack a sun hat to keep the sun off your baby’s head, and sunscreen for babies over the age of six months. Try and stay out of the sun as much as possible, and make sure you don’t let your baby get overheated. If it is cold outside, make sure you have enough layers for your baby that they won’t get cold.  




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