First Trimester Fetal Size Predicts Preterm Birth Risk

A new study published by a Yale medical doctor correlates smaller size in the first trimester of gestation with an increased risk of premature birth. An quintile increase in fetal size in the first trimester resulted in a 10% – 15% decrease in both indicated and spontaneous preterm birth. The study examined a large cohort of more then 30,000 pregnancies over a long period to bring investigators solid and reliable conclusions. The research team has stated that these findings support early pregnancy origins of preterm birth and also suggest the importance of trophoblasts, which are specialized cells in the placenta that may play a role in embryo implantation. The researchers also note that this study could help with the evolution of preventative measures aimed at reducing early birth rates.

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First Trimester Fetal Size Predicts Preterm Birth Risk


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