Healthy Pregnancy: Last Few Months

What happens during the last few months?

A healthy pregnancy during the last few months finds your baby growing, but moving less. The room in your womb is diminishing and baby is resting more. A baby can hear mother”s voice and other nearby voices. Your baby can distinguish the difference between light and dark and will flinch if startled or disturbed.

Healthy pregnant women experience mild tightness in their lower back and abdomen at times and these are “practice”contractions known as Braxton Hicks contractions. If these are intermittent and not very often, do not be alarmed, Braxton Hicks contractions are uncomfortable but do not signal labor.

During the seventh month in a healthy pregnancy you will start to feel milk developing in your breasts. There may be some slight leakage and this is normal. Your body and breasts are preparing for breast feeding.

Your body continues to grow larger and weight gain should be about 20 to 22 pounds at this stage. It may be harder to balance and you definitely have a hard time standing or sitting for long periods of time. If you see stretch marks; use lotions to keep your skin moist. This may be a great time to learn about what to expect during labor.

During the eight month of a healthy pregnancy baby’s bones are getting stronger and brain and lungs are developing. You should feel strong movements during the last month and these movements will get stronger. You may also
“see” bony parts such as knees and elbows poking through the skin of your abdomen. Shortness of breath may be a part of your daily complications, but this will change as the baby moves into the birthing position.

This is a time for positive input, strong support, and mutual understanding. Take your partner to birthing classes and practice the lessons. Do not take anything for granted and talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you may have.

Your pelvis has expanded, is very achy and you feel low back pains. Your rib cage is sore and your navel is now pushed out. Baby’s organs are continuing to mature and your baby is developing reserves of body fat. Most internal systems are well developed at this point and the brain has developed. Your baby can see and hear, but the lungs are not fully developed. Lungs are the final organs to mature.

A normal healthy pregnancy will include heartburn and indigestion. You may have shortness of breath and be exhausted. Keep thinking positive thoughts, eating right, and drinking plenty of fluids.

Baby responds to touch, sound and smell. He or she can respond to stimuli with body movements and facial expressions. Lights and loud noises will cause startled reactions and your baby may make jerky movements. The ninth month your baby adds fat, healthy weight and prepares for birth. Your natural happiness will be tested and you will feel irritable, moody, tired, and have backaches and constipation and weight may be up to a healthy 35 pounds. Healthy pregnancy equals healthy births; relax.

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