High Health Costs: Who Do the Presidential Candidates Blame?

Americans agree that healthcare costs in our country are too high. Politicians commonly blame these high costs on pharmaceutical and insurance companies, but in reality the system rewards those whose actions lead to high profits.

What kind of a picture do this year’s presidential candidates paint of current U.S. healthcare?

Republican candidates almost without exception place great blame on Obamacare, a position that ignores the fact that the ACA has given more people access to health insurance, adding to the demand for services, and requires insurance companies to pay for preventive care.

Democrats, on the other hand, blame insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and large corporations, oversimplifying what in reality is a highly complex system in which blame is hard to assign.

Perhaps candidates will be able to tease apart the issues leading to high health care costs and propose ideas that can have a real effect in the future.

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High Health Costs: Who Do the Presidential Candidates Blame?


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