Impact Of Pregnancy On Back Pain And Body Posture In Women

Impact Of Pregnancy On Back Pain And Body Posture In Women

Back pain during pregnancy is frustratingly common. Most pregnant women experienced some form of lower back pain as a result of the expanded uterus and increased body weight. Additionally, there’s a hormone released during pregnancy to loosen your ligaments, which can be painful.

All these changes have an impact on the spine and alter the core gravity of your body. The baby’s weight puts pressure on your back, causing lower back pain. Many researchers make website online studies available to show the impact of this phenomenon in a pregnant woman.

In this study, 26 women formed part of a single-center investigation to explore some interesting trends about back pain and body posture in pregnant women. The results proved body posture changes in women as a result of pregnancy and back pain.


Two Types of Back Pain During Pregnancy


Back pain during pregnancy is almost as common as heartburn during pregnancy. Your body undergoes significant changes and has weaker abdominal muscles to steady your core. This leads to excessive pressure on the lower back and spine. The two types of pain we need to differentiate are:

Pain during movement: This is pain experienced during any physical activity or movement while pregnant. Some of this pain during movement can be as a result of bending incorrectly or overexerting yourself.

Pain at rest: Pain experienced during a resting period or at passivity is common in pregnant women. The connective tissue in your joint and ligaments are relaxed to prepare for birth & this can cause some discomfort during pregnancy.


The way back pain ties into changes in your body posture is a result of the increased pressure on the lower back, which pushes the spine further inward in a c-shape. This affects your body posture as your spine becomes curved and more inclined. It’s called the trunk inclination and kyphosis angle, which shifts during the third semester.


Some Causes of Back Pain


Although we can’t exhaust all the causes of back pain during pregnancy, we’ve found these to be the most common causes cited by health professionals:

  • The person’s BMI (body mass index)
  • The total number of births
  • Any muscle dysfunctions
  • The total weight gain during pregnancy
  • A preexisting condition of chronic back pain before pregnancy


The Evolution of the Female Spine


The female spine is a wonder to behold. Evolution has made way for the female physique to adapt to the likelihood of pregnancy by restructuring the spine as follows:

  • The female lumb