Long-Term Use of Tylenol During Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Autism, ADHD

Long-Term Use of Tylenol During Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Autism, ADHD

A recent Israeli study has shown a possible link between use of acetaminophen during pregnancy and an increased chance of ADHD and autism. The study showed that there was a strong link between using Tylenol, or any other acetaminophen product, for 28 days or longer during pregnancy can lead to a 20% increase in chance of developing autism and a 30% increase in chance of developing ADHD. These findings, however, are not the actual risk but just the relative risk (to other group members of the study) so these findings may be misleading or cause unnecessary concern.

There are other factors involved in the development of ADHD and autism. For instance, ADHD can be transferred genetically from mother to offspring. Also, there is evidence that pain and fever during pregnancy can negatively affect a fetus, as well as trauma to the fetus itself, such as a blow to the woman’s abdomen, using forceps during delivery, or a troublesome C-section.

In the end, the use of acetaminophen is considered safe in small doses during pregnancy, but if there are more long-term ailments causing pain and inflammation, other options should be considered to reduce inflammation. One should always avoid unnecessary medications during pregnancy, regardless of safety.

Key Points:

  • 1While Tylenol used to be considered safe for pregnant women, it no longer is.
  • 2Taking Tylenol more than 28 days during pregnancy increased chances of ADHD.
  • 3It is better to have an anti-inflammatory diet if you’re in pain during pregnancy than take Tylenol.

This recent study provides evidence that pregnant mothers should avoid taking acetaminophen for four consecutive weeks or more

See the original at: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/long-term-use-of-tylenol-during-pregnancy-may-raise-risk-of-autism-adhd

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