Millions of Pregnant Women Put Their Babies At Risk with Alcohol: CDC

Drinking before and during pregnancy is not only exceptionally dangerous to developing fetuses, and much more prevalent than most realize. Many women of childbearing age do not take birth control and consume alcohol, as well as not ceasing to drink if they are actively attempting to become pregnant. The CDC, or Center for Disease Control in the United States estimates that anywhere from two to five percent of babies are born with life long ramifications of the mother’s choice to continue to imbibe.
Preventing this epidemic of babies born with low birth weight, developmental disorders, and behavioral issues lies squarely with the mothers. Responsible behaviors include being vigilant about not only their bodies, but their behaviors. With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome being one hundred percent avoidable if the mothers do not drink while pregnant, the solution and reward of a healthy child is incentive enough. Here is an article on how long does alcohol stay in your your body.

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Millions of Pregnant Women Put Their Babies At Risk with Alcohol: CDC


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