This Mom Thought She Had Kidney Stones, But She Was Actually 38 Weeks Pregnant

This Mom Thought She Had Kidney Stones, But She Was Actually 38 Weeks Pregnant

Could it happen to you? Many people are incredulous that a woman could miss all the signs and symptoms that a full term pregnancy generally entails, but yet in some instances it appears that is exactly what happens, even to experienced moms. The media recently detailed the instance of a three-time mom who was told in her late thirties that her childbearing years were over. In the mindset that she could no longer conceive, the woman went to the hospital certain she was experiencing symptoms of kidney stones. She and her husband were in for a big surprise. Instead of treatment for kidney stones, emergency staff prepared her for the breech delivery of a full term baby. The new mom says the ultimately happy surprise has taught her an important lesson about reserving judgment of others.

Key Points:

  • 1It is possible to be pregnant and not know about it until labor starts and the baby is born.
  • 2Stephanie Jaegers, mother of three, had been diagnosed with early menopause and was told she could not have more children.
  • 3When Jaeger experienced cramping and difficulty urinating, all signs pointed towards kidney stones. However, the hospital determined she was having a baby.

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