To the Mom Whose Due Date Will Never Come

To the Mom Whose Due Date Will Never Come

All over the world babies are being born, women are becoming mothers and the new addition to families is a blessing. It is an amazing journey to go through, being pregnant can not be explained it just has to be experienced. But for some mothers, their child does not make it to their arms, and it is a gut retching experience that we wish no one has to experience. The emptiness that is felt when your child does not make it through the nine months is something no one can prepare you for. But yet it happens, and when it does help is needed, it is a loss that can never be covered or replaced. Learn how one mom lives day by day with the loss a child she never got to hold.

Key Points:

  • 1Inside, a piece of my heart will always be broken, a hole that surely will be stitched over and mended and beating on the best it can, but can never fully be the same again.
  • 2My heart will always be searching for the baby who never came to be, the little one I never got to hold in my arms.
  • 3I am ashamed to admit, my eyes have been opened to how hard it can be to plaster a smile on your face when you are hurting.

For the mothers who are facing a due date this holiday season, a date that they will be dreading to meet, yet telling themselves they can get through.

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