Too Much, Too Little Sleep During Pregnancy May Prompt Weight Gain

Does too much or too little sleep have an effect on a woman’s weight gain during pregnancy? A recent study conducted on better than 700 women indicates that it very well may. The study, conducted by researchers with the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine, involved monitoring the pregnant women over a 7 day period.

Although the findings are classified as preliminary, the researchers concluded that too little or too much sleep promoted weight gain among the subject population. How much sleep would be ideal is not discussed, but the majority of the women studied slept between 7 and 9 hours per night over the 7 day period.

The results of the study will be examined further before the findings may be accepted as definitive, but the medical community has long recognized the importance of sleep in pregnant women.

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Too Much, Too Little Sleep During Pregnancy May Prompt Weight Gain


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