New Study Claims Tylenol During Pregnancy Is Unsafe, But There’s More to the Story

New Study Claims Tylenol During Pregnancy Is Unsafe, But There’s More to the Story

This article is a brief overview of a mom who discovered a new study of links between acetaminophen taken during pregnancy and hyperactivity in children. The mother feels guilt, grief, and is upset that she had taken that medication throughout her pregnancy. After further research she discovers that the study the doctor released may not have been the most viable source of the information she was concerned about. The study did not include information on the dosage or duration of use for any of the women who were taking it. These women were not asked detailed questions on dosage or duration or indications of use. Revealing this information in turn made the mother feel better.

Key Points:

  • 1During pregnancy it is common practice for doctors to recommend taking tylenol but only as directed.
  • 2Recent research suggests tylenol during pregnancy can lead to behavioural problems in children later in age.
  • 3The study did not however, include dosage and other factors, so it could be non-subjective.

They found that 4,415 women (53%) reported using the drug at 18 weeks of pregnancy, while only 3,381 (42%) at 32 weeks.

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