Obesity in Pregnancy Presents Challenges (CME/CE)

The Society for Reproductive Investigation released two studies that examined the effects of obesity on pregnant women. One considered the affects of changes in diet on a 6 months old infant. The other considered the development of anemia and its link to the body mass index of women before they were pregnant.

The first study determined there was less fatty tissue in the 6 month old infants given changes in diet than those that were not. This was measured in a statistically significant difference in skin thickness of the infants at 6 months. The study plans to continue collect data until the infant test subjects are 3 years old. The second study concluded that there is no elevated risk for anemia development from the BMI in the case of pre-pregnant women, but the researchers involved have begun to examine iron deficiency and its affects on weight gain instead.

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Obesity in Pregnancy Presents Challenges (CME/CE)


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