How to Pack Your Handbag for a Flight With a Baby

Travelling becomes one of the biggest challenges moms will face with their babies. A well equipped carry-on is your best defense to any obstacle along the way (such as the inevitable messes or moments of boredom). Making sure you have everything you need to feed, entertain, and care for both you and baby is time well spent, as once you are on a plane it’ll be too late to bring extra bottles or blankets. Make sure to pack plenty to eat, more diapers than you think you need, and extra clothing for both you and baby. And remember, taking care of a baby is hard work, so don’t forget to re-fuel and stay hydrated, especially if you’re nursing. Happy Travels!

Key Points:

  • 1One of the main things that you will want to pack is food items for potential nursing needs that you might need.
  • 2A baby is going to need to eat, but it is also going to need some entertainment items that will help it be happy.
  • 3And then there are the normal things that are needed: extra change of clothes, baby wipes, pacifier, don’t forget the favorite snuggle blanket.

We’re actually talking about your survival by packing the essentials for your baby.

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