Pregnancy Vitamin D Supplementation May Help Winter Baby’s Bones

A British study had pregnant women take 1000 units of vitamin D found. The researchers found that babies born in winter to women who had taken the supplement had a high bone mass than babies whose mothers received a placebo. Furthermore, women who took the vitamin D were more likely to have adequate levels of Vitamin D in their blood late in their pregnancy (80%) compared to women who took the placebo (35%).

Supplementing Vitamin D did not affect the bone mass of children born during the rest of the year. This is likely caused by the fact that humans use sunlight to make vitamin D. In the winter, when there is less sun visible and skin in less exposed to the sun that is there, Vitamin D deficiency is more common.

The researchers believe that the increased bone mass at birth may lead to increased bone mass throughout life, reducing the risk of broken bones even into older adulthood.

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Pregnancy vitamin D supplementation may help winter baby’s bones


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