Pregnancy & Your Dog

Pregnancy & Your Dog

While pregnant your body goes through so many changes.  While you are experiencing those changes your family pet may start to pick up on these changes.  The change in hormones in a pregnant woman changes the odor the woman produces. Dog’s have about three hundred million olfactory receptors in their noses, where humans only have about six million.  There are some people who say that their dog may have known they were pregnant before they did. Other ways your dog may sense you are pregnant is by your mood. Dogs can sense their owners mood and can tell that you are more tired or moody.  When you get further along in your pregnancy your body starts to change your dog can notice the differences in your walk and even your body shape. As a pet owner you and your dog will have a certain type of relationship before you become pregnant.  But as your dog notices these changes their behavior towards you may change.  

There are lots of things to look for if you are pregnant with a dog.  Or you may not have to look for these behavior changes at all, they may become very present.  The behavior changes in your dog could also be a sign that you are pregnant if you don’t already know that you are. 

There are some cute adorable positive behaviors that your dog may start doing when they sense the difference in your body.  They may become more affectionate wanting to snuggle with you more. Your dog may even start laying its head on your growing belly or sniffing at your belly.  Another adorable or maybe annoying thing your dog may start doing is becoming more clingy towards you. Following you around, wanting to be in the same room as you always, or sitting right next to you.  Some people have even said that when standing in the kitchen doing dishes their dog will sit on their feet. This can be awfully adorable or it can be a tad frustrating if you are trying to get some things done and your dog will not leave you alone.  Just remember it is all in their love for you. Other behavior changes that your dog may start doing are they may become more protective. This may go as far as trying to keep people away from you, your dog may try to block people from getting close to you.  The amount of “alert’ barking may increase. Meaning that a noise outside or a creek in the house may cause your dog to be on alert and to bark that there is something to be worried about.    

All those previously mentioned behaviors are adorable and all in love from your dog.  Not all new behaviors are positive ones though. You may see that a once house broken dog may start urinating in the house more, marking their territory.  This can be very frustrating, trying to retrain your dog. Other negative behavior can include a dog being nervous and fearful. This can make them become very uncooperative.  Another thing that a dog who isn’t handling a pregnancy very well may be chewing up items for the baby that are brought into the house. This may be a dominance thing that your dog is trying to establish.  

There are lots of behaviors that your dog can experience while your pregnancy goes on.  Remember to be patient with them. You are going through a lot of changes and they can sense every mood swing and can tell every single physical change you are going through too.  A well trained dog may be easier to help get through these nine months if they are acting out. You will be able to help them de-stress so they aren’t so wound up if you seem to be overly emotional.  Make sure when you bring baby items into the house you set boundaries for the dog to make sure they don’t try to steal or chew them. You can start making some changes to your dogs routine before the baby comes.  Where your d