Prenatal Diet Rich in Vitamin D May Cut Allergy Risk in Kids

Mothers could lessen their children’s risk of allergies claims a new study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. By eating foods rich in Vitamin D during pregnancy Mothers could lower the risk of allergies in their children. 1200 mothers and their children were surveyed and followed for 7 years.

Vitamin D rich foods like eggs, fish, dairy, mushrooms, and cereals were found to play a role in boosting the immune system which leads researchers to believe these foods could play a strong role in asthma and allergy prevention.

Vitamin D supplements were found to be ineffective in boosting the mother’s immune system and showed no measurable effect on children’s allergies. Vitamin D rich foods eaten by the mother during pregnancy correlated with a 20 percent lower risk of hay fever in their children.

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Prenatal Diet Rich in Vitamin D May Cut Allergy Risk in Kids


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