Prenatal Fruit Consumption Boosts Babies’ Cognitive Development

This article starts off with the old expression that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” However what the writer is trying to do is show that the benefits an a daily apple aren’t just exclusive to that but all fruits. Studies show that eating fruits in general has many health benefits and have been known the reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. A study showed that mothers who ate fruits during pregnancy gave birth to babies with better health and cognitive skills than mothers who didn’t. The purpose of this study was to find if there were any predictors of cognitive development in infants. They discovered that there was a correlation between the amount of fruit consumed during a mother’s pregnancy. They measured the developed skills using the traditional IQ scale as a model. The numbers have shown that there is a significant difference between babies whose mothers ate fruit and those who didn’t.

Key Points:

  • 1Mothers who consume more fruit during pregnancy give birth to children who perform better on developmental testing at one year
  • 2If pregnant mothers ate six or seven servings of fruit or fruit juice a day, on average their children have 6-7 IQ points higher at one year
  • 3Don’t go overboard! Expectant mothers should meet the daily intake recommended in Canada’s Food Guide

We found that one of the biggest predictors of cognitive development was how much fruit moms consumed during pregnancy. The more fruit moms had, the higher their child’s cognitive development.

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