Prenatal Massage: Can It Really Make a Difference In Your Pregnancy?

Prenatal Massage: Can It Really Make a Difference In Your Pregnancy?

Back pain, swollen feet, muscle cramps, heartburn, and fatigue. Creating a new life may be a perfectly natural process, but it sure isn’t a very comfortable one. Thankfully, there are a number of steps that any mom-to-be can take to ease discomfort during pregnancy. Eating a healthy diet, staying active (through activities like walking and yoga), and prenatal massage can all make a huge difference in your pregnancy.

For the expectant mother, prenatal massage offers emotional, psychological, and physiological benefits. Even if you’ve had a massage before, prenatal massage will be a totally different experience because it will focus on the rapidly evolving needs of your pregnant body as it goes through the rapid and dramatic changes that accompany pregnancy. A qualified prenatal massage therapist will have special training that allows him or her to adapt the technique to benefit the needs of the expectant mother during every semester of her pregnancy.

How can prenatal massage make a difference in your pregnancy? For starters, it can provide better function in your muscles and joints, improve circulation and blood flow, and relieve physical and mental fatigue. Since it’s a non-invasive and gentle form of therapeutic bodywork, it is a safe way to ease pain and discomfort, as well as provide emotional support, during labor and delivery.

How Prenatal Massage Can Make a Difference in Your Pregnancy

Certain pregnancy complications, like incontinence, prolapse, and scar tissue, can be prevented by keeping your ligaments and uterus healthy. Prenatal massage is a tremendous help in these areas, and it can provide significant benefits for your growing baby, too. In fact, everything you do while you are pregnant, especially exercise and diet, has an effect on your baby. Studies also show that even your emotional state throughout your pregnancy can affect your baby’s development.

The Journal of Perinatal Education published a study that showed that women who received regular prenatal massage during pregnancy had easier and shorter labors and deliveries. They also needed fewer epidurals and pain medications. The study also showed that the need for cesarean births was cut in half with prenatal massage.

Some of the amazing benefits of prenatal massage include: