PTID: Post Traumatic Infertility Disorder

Many people have heard of the psychological disorder Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, but Post-Traumatic Infertility Disorder is a disorder that specifically affects those who have had traumatic or stressful experiences with pregnancy. One woman, in particular, recounts her experience with this disorder in relation to her own struggles with having a child. One of her major areas of stress is the fact that her child will be born using a gestational surrogate. Though it is her sister who is the surrogate carrying her baby, it is difficult to for the woman to imaging that the pregnancy will lead to the birth of her baby, Joy, when her own attempts at having a baby were not successful. Understanding this condition is one step in the right direction to caring for women who suffer from infertility.

Key Points:

  • 1The writer feels alone after infertility and when finally pregnant, can’t believe it’s real.
  • 2The writer explains PTID, the signs and symptoms, and assures women are not alone in their struggles.
  • 3The writer thanks her friends and fans of her site for bringing her out of depression and supporting her though her PTID.

Nothing about infertility is easy. Nothing before, nothing during and nothing after.

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