The Secret Blessings of Gestational Diabetes

So, you have just learned that you have gestational diabetes. You probably have a hundred questions whipping around inside your skull: What is it? How did I get it? How can I deal with it? And, of course, will my baby be okay? It can be pretty scary, but it can be a genuine blessing too! In this article, Pregnant Chicken discusses her experience being diagnosed and living with gestational diabetes. Surprisingly, this experience caused her to change her approach to diet, take control of her own health, be even more motivated to exercise and take care of her body, and to be willing to reach to others for help. While nobody would choose to have this, or any health challenge, when gestational diabetes comes knocking on your door, the information in this article may provide you some solice, and perhaps even see it as an opportunity to take tcontrol of your own health!

Key Points:

  • 118% of pregnant women get gestational diabetes
  • 2Gestational diabetes made mindless eating impossible because I consciously considered about every food decision I made.
  • 3Another important way to control gestational diabetes is exercise.

Gestational diabetes occurs when the body doesn’t produce and use insulin properly.

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