Signs of Pregnancy

There is nothing in woman”s life that can be compared with the feeling she experiences when she becomes aware that she is carrying a child. Some women claim that they knew the exact moment they conceived, but that is probably just their imagination. While there are many signs of pregnancy that are common and well known, it is important to be aware that not all women experience them. Most of women get one or two signs that make them think that they might be pregnant. If you start getting that feeling, why not get a pregnancy test to make sure?

Pregnant womanMissing or delayed period

A missing or late period put many teenagers in the state of panic, but if you are looking forward to getting pregnant, it is the first sign that baby might be on the way. You should be aware that you can be pregnant and still get your period, and even to continue bleeding through the entire pregnancy. If you are one of the unfortunates to have that problem, at least your consolation is that the periods during pregnancy are lighter and shorter.

Missing or late period does not always mean that you are pregnant.   Many women have a late period when they are on vacation, under stress, exhausted or going through a hormonal change. Weight gain can also create havoc with your period.

Bleeding while pregnant can be also a sign of trouble. If you had problem conceiving or lost a baby before, see your doctor right away if other signs show that you might be pregnant, and you are bleeding.

Morning Sickness

If you start getting nauseous when you get up in the morning, or have to run to the bathroom and vomit when assaulted by strong smells, it is very likely that you are pregnant. You can thank the surge of estrogen for that – it slows down the emptying of the stomach.

Morning sickness starts usually about two to eight weeks after getting pregnant, This well known pregnancy symptom will often show up between 2-8 weeks after conception and end at the 13th or 14th week. Like all other signs of early pregnancy, this is not a sure sign that you are expecting. Some lucky women never get nauseous and others are sick the entire pregnancy.

Of course, you might be nauseous and vomit because of bad clams and not because of being pregnant. Similar signs are common if you are changing your birth control pills, or having other hormonal problems. Stress and anxiety can also make you feel sick to your stomach.

While some women cannot eat a thing at the beginning of the pregnancy because of the constant nausea and aversion to even their favorite foods, others develop strange cravings for bizarre food combinations. In both cases, it is good to know that these things will pass once the baby arrives.

Swollen and Sensitive Breasts

Tender and swollen breasts are one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and some women feel it a week or two after conception. While the sensitivity will mostly go away as the pregnancy progresses, your breasts will continue to grow. Many women also develop dark rings around their nipples.

Again, this pregnancy sign can happen for other reasons, such as hormonal imbalance, your period coming or it can mean that you are ovulating.


Fatigue is another very early sign of pregnancy ” “ you might experience excessive tiredness even one week after conception. It is caused by high progesterone level in your system. Your body is getting through many changes very rapidly and all the changes might leave you exhausted. Make sure that you get enough sleep and that your diet is well balanced and rich in protein and iron.

Keep in mind that excessive fatigue can also be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, depression, or an infection. If other signs of pregnancy are absent, and good rest does not help, see your doctor.


Pain in your lower back may start very early in the pregnancy, and it often continues and increases as the baby grows.

Back pain is not very good pregnancy sign as it occurs for many other reasons, including back problems, coming of your period, injury or stress.


Many women react to the rapid hormonal changes in their body by developing a headache very early in the pregnancy. If you have other signs of pregnancy, talk to your doctor about what headache pills are not hurtful for the baby. Good news for women who normally have frequent headaches is that they will suffer from them less during the pregnancy.

Of course, we know that headaches come for any number of reasons: lack of caffeine, dehydration, coming of your period, too much time in front of your computer, migraine, or many other reasons.

There are many other signs of potential pregnancy: frequent urination, bloating, mood swings, slight spotting, dizziness, constipation, hemorrhoids. Whatever signs tell you that you might be pregnant, grab a pregnancy kit, it is a quick and cheap way to make sure. Then you can or celebrate, if the test is positive, or check if your pregnancy signs point to some other problem that you should look into.


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