Stretch Marks Facts and Fiction

Stretch marks are slightly depressed linear marks with varying length and breadth found on certain parts of the body in conditions like pregnancy, obesity, puberty etc due to the excessive stretching of skin for a long period.


  • Only women are affected by stretch marks.
  • Only obese and pregnant ladies get stretch marks.
  • They persist forever.
  • They increase with time.
  • They spread all over the body.
  • Stretch marks indicate ill health.
  • They indicate loss of physical beauty.
  • They can progress to leucoderma.
  • They are contagious.


  • Both sexes are affected by stretch marks.
  • People in both extremes of life are affected.
  • Both obese and slim people get stretch marks.
  • 70% of teenage girls get stretch marks.
  • 90% of pregnant ladies get stretch marks.
  • Stretch marks may persist for a long time but become less noticeable later.
  • Regular exercise prevents stretch marks, whereas vigorous exercise and bodybuilding can result in stretch marks.
  • Modern treatment methods are effective, but expensive.
  • Chemical peeling and laser therapy may cause pain and scarring.
  • Natural methods are cheap and free from side effects.



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