Supplements During Pre-Conception and Pregnancy

The importance of taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy has long since been accepted by most folks; however, not much emphasis has been placed on the importance of prenatal supplements when trying to conceive, or TTC, as it is more commonly known. Beginning pregnancy with sufficient amounts of vitamins, such as iron and folic acid, is widely recommended. There are also vitamins to supplement sperm health and production for the male in the equation when trying to conceive. Once conception is successful, eating certain types of fish can help with the baby’s brain development; however, expectant mothers run the risks involved with consuming too much mercury and taking a DHA supplement is another way to introduce the vitamins without the mercury and dioxins from some fish based supplements. While there are a host of other vitamins and supplements one may choose to take, each woman is different, and depending on her diet, her needs and the needs of her child are uniquely her own. Consulting a physician is the best way to determine the specific needs for one’s lifestyle.

Key Points:

  • 1KNowing that mant vitamins and minerals do have a toxicity level, my goal was to find a prenatal supplement that didn’t have mega doses of certain vitamins.
  • 2It is important to go into pregnancy with adequate stores of iron, which sets you up not to deficient later and you also need 200% of regular DV of folic acid which is 800mg.
  • 3So I decided that the only way to truly do a good job with my prenatals is to “build my own” rather than take 2 massive pills, I decided to buy all separate supplements.

If you’re mainly a vegetable/fruit/grain eater, you’ll need the same supplements as me. If you tend to eat fewer vegetables and more meat product, you need to check your A, C, K, folate consumption.

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