The 6 Types of Friends You Have As a First Time Mom

You may be wondering to yourself as a new expecting mom, what type of behavior should I expect from my friends? This phase in life can be very trying and you will need a lot of support. Those friends whom you thought were your closest, may become your least closest and those who were not close may become your best friends. It is important to remember that while they may not have every quality you are looking for during this time of need, you may find they have enough to offer to get you through.

There are six types of friends that may show up at this time: The Painfully Oblivious Friend, The Former Life Ghost, The Baby-Crazed Fan, The New Mom Confidant, The Finally! Friend, and the Kindred Spirit.

Each may offer you a much needed boost on one end or the other from being extremely out of the scene and only occasionally involved, to being up close and personal at every juncture to help you, to being just right in level of support. You may want to screen how you interact so as to ensure that you do not end up short-changing yourself by spending too much time with friends or not utilizing their help. It is important to have friends nonetheless while your going through your transition. They will be a valuable resource to getting you through it.

Key Points:

  • 1First-time mothers might have a friend that doesn’t have kids and does not realize how much life changes after having a child.
  • 2First-time mothers might have friends that distance themselves after the new baby arrives. It could be for various reasons and is not always a bad thing.
  • 3New mothers might have a friend that gave birth to a child around the same time. This friend can be seen as comrade based on the fact that both mothers would be going through the same experiences at the same time.

The new mom confidant is the woman who transitioned to motherhood close to the time you did. You may have even been pregnancy pals. She is important because she is saying goodbye to her old life just like you are.

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