What Weight Loss Should Really Look Like for New Moms

Post-partem weight loss can be very challenging for new moms. The life of a new mom is very difficult with the added challenges of taking care of a new baby, lack of sleep, and the busyness of the new life adjusting to a baby. Although these are not actual weight loss strategies, new moms would love to believe that the following would help them lose the baby weight in a perfect world. Cleaning surfaces is a constant chore for the new mom. In an ideal world, new moms would lose a pound every time they clean up a mess. Now that moms are carrying a new baby everywhere, in a perfect world they would lose three pounds every time they tote the baby somewhere. Then, once the baby starts to crawl and walk, in a perfect weight loss world, new moms would lose two pants size for chasing toddlers. Shaking bottles is another constant job for new moms and should result in added weight loss. Other everyday activities, such as grocery shopping, sex, and doing the dishes would increase weight loss in a perfect world.

Key Points:

  • 1Believe me, the best weights you own are your own offspring.
  • 2Wanna throw a little bit of cardio into your daily routine? Take your kids grocery shopping with you.
  • 3You’ve probably heard that sex is great exercise. Word to the wise, the same guy who created the Fitbit and the scale came up with this lie too.

in my perfect and completely imaginary world, moms would automatically lose weight

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