What’s So Wrong with an Unplanned Pregnancy?

What’s So Wrong with an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Unplanned pregnancies don’t mean you need to be in fear of judgement but accept that you will be a parent soon. If you have a stable job and plenty of support, there is nothing wrong with an unplanned pregnancy. Most women think that everything they have worked so hard to accomplish will disappear once they start a family which isn’t true. Many 20-something women have kids and work full time which is perfectly normal. All company’s offer maternity leave and some will pay you while you are not working. It’s life experience going through an unplanned pregnancy and learning how to take care of someone else. It’s a beautiful experience but not every woman should be expected to have children. A teen’s unplanned pregnancy could be lack of information or birth control because parents don’t want to face that their child could be having sex. While I am not encouraging teens and older women to go out and sleep with whoever and getting pregnant on purpose, we do need to support them with whatever decision they make. All women deserve better support systems to help them with childcare in any situation. Women also have a say when they become pregnant if it is what they want.

Key Points:

  • 1We shouldn’t expect that every aspect of a woman’s life be perfect.
  • 2We should remember that children are the future and women should have the choice to become mothers without being called names.
  • 3It’s often the situations surrounding an unplanned pregnancy that need addressing and not the unplanned pregnancy itself.

When did we get this idea that children — that life — only happens on a predictable, perfect timetable?

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