Amy’s Purium Experience – Day 20

Amy’s Purium Experience – Day 20

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I have made it to day 20! And honestly it is kind of amazing that I am here already.  It doesn’t feel like I should be on day 20.  These last 10 days since my first 10 days I feel like have just flown by without many struggles.  I am seeing how this is becoming easier and easier the longer I do this.  It definitely sets you up for a lifestyle change for sure.  

There haven’t been as many hiccups these 10 days.  No exhaustive days where I had to have two meals and one shake or anything crazy like that. I did try and do a shake in the morning, meal at lunch and then a shake for dinner and I have to say I did not enjoy that as much.  It caused me to have to get up during the night to have to go to the bathroom because of all the fluids that you intake.  Another thing that I tried during these 10 days was I used the Original flavored super meal, and added a scoop of Can’t Beet This powder in with it.  It kind of masks the flavor of the Original flavor to where it mostly tastes like the beet drink which I absolutely love.  I actually now favor doing that then having the Vanilla Chai flavor by itself.  I love how versatile these products are where you can mix them together to get more benefits in one go instead of having to make multiple drinks at once.  

The main thing that I struggled with was over the long Memorial day weekend we decided to build a fence in our backyard.  That was a lot of work, though I didn’t help much with physical labor, my mom helped provide food for our friends and family that helped us build the fence.  Will one thing she brought with her to my house was Oreos.  Well my goodness there are a lot of things I can say no to easily but an Oreo is not one of them.  So needless to say my sugar intake went up quite a bit these last ten days.  After the Oreos were gone though I tried to get back on track of limiting the sugar intake drastically.  

Ok let’s get to the exciting thing.  The See It. Feel It. Track It. tracker. 


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