Amy’s Purium Experience – Day 30

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WOHOO! I made it! I completed the 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation! I couldn’t be more proud of myself for sticking with it and finishing.   The last ten days went without a hitch.   I did two shakes a day and only one meal each day.   I was amazed at how by the end it was so easy to just keep on track.    

I almost feel a little sad that it is all over.   I liked the ease of having two of my meals already planned for me. Especially when I am trying to get my daughter breakfast and lunch daily, and then my baby giving him a bottle what seems like every moment I turn around.   It was nice to be able to squeeze in a shake and be like done with my meal and move on to what was next.   By this point it has become truly a lifestyle change in my mind because my body almost expects a shake.    

I was still drinking in the morning the original flavor shake and then mixing in a scoop of Can’t Beet This powder as well.   I love this combination almost more than the Vanilla Chai, though I still think that is delicious as well.   I really had to mess with the amount of the Super CleansR that I took.   It messed with my system a little too aggressively some days.   I started with just one capsule once a day.   But after a few days of that it was too much, so I started taking them one capsule every other day.   That seemed to be what was best for my body.    

Let’s take a look at how I progressed over the last 30 days.  


Day 0                                       Day 10                                   Day 20                                     Day 30

Energy- 7 Energy- 7 Energy-8 Energy-8
Digestion- 10 Digestion-10 Digestion-10 Digestion-10
Mood- 7 Mood-8 Mood-8 Mood-8
Skin- 6 Skin-8 Skin-8 Skin-8
Sleep- 7 Sleep-6 Sleep-7 Sleep-8


My energy definitely went up with this program.   I felt like I was filling my body with good nutrients.   Besides the ups and downs with the Super CleansR my digestion stayed on point throughout this experience.   I started a little down on myself.   I was anxious to lose the pregnancy weight and fast, when I started seeing results from this program it definitely improved my mood.   My skin has been the best it has been in years.   The Apothe Cherry drink is supposed to help beautify skin, and I think the removal of processed snacks and desserts have helped my skin stay completely hormonal acne free.   My sleep was erratic through the last 30 days but mostly because of my newborn not because of this program.   I will say the Apothe Cherry does help you fall to sleep more soundly with the extra bit of melatonin it gives you.    


Weight -152.2 Weight-148..2 Weight-146   Weight- 146
Mid Upper Arm- 9.5in Mid Upper Arm- 9.5 Mid Upper Arm-9.5in Mid Upper Arm- 9.5in
Waist Belly Button- 38in Waist Belly Button-37in Waist Belly Button- 35in Waist Belly Button- 35in
Hips-37 in Hips- 37in Hips-36.75in Hips-36.5 in
Mid Thigh- 18.5 Mid Thigh- 18in Mid Thigh-18in Mid Thigh-18 in


I won’t lie to you and say I was very disappointed and frustrated that there was almost no change these last 10 days of the program.   I was hoping to lose 12 lbs in total and lost 6lbs at the end.   I am pleased that I did see results throughout the most of the program.   I don’t know if my body has just plateaued and I now need to add in some exercise to see more changes.   I was hoping to lose about two pounds every 10 days, which is about what I lost each ten days except for the last 10 days.   I really am perplexed at why I didn’t have any changes.   I didn’t change my consumption of food or how I had my shakes.    


Water- 6 Water- 8 Water- 8 Water- 8
Sugar- 5 Sugar- 7 Sugar- 6 Sugar- 7
Caffeine- 10 Caffeine- 10 Caffeine-   10 Caffeine- 10
Plant Based Foods- 4 Plant Based Foods- 5 Plant Based Foods- 5 Plant Based Foods- 6


I am happy to report though that I no longer crave desserts like I used to.   It was my goal that I just stayed away from desserts.   I used to love cake, ice cream, and cookies.   Besides my not being able to withstand the Oreos during my 30 day stretch I can say that I have been able to control myself around sweets much better to where I don’t even crave them after dinner.   The studies aren’t kidding when they say that you do something for three weeks it becomes a habit.   I am back to drinking water like I did when I was pregnant.   Drinking more than half my weight in water daily.   Which is definitely a habit I want to keep up.   I could tell on days that I hadn’t drank enough water.   I do need to keep working on getting my plant based foods more present in my diet as well.    

I am very pleased with the results of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation.   I am so very happy that I decided to do this to try and get rid of my pregnancy weight.   I do find that it is effective.   I even lost inches around my waist! I couldn’t be happier.   I still have some way to go before my shorts fit completely comfortably, but in the meantime I have more clothes than just pregnancy clothes that fit me now.    


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