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The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation from Purium is said to kick start you into a permanent lasting change in your lifestyle.  I can honestly say that it truly does just that.  Studies have shown that doing something for three weeks makes it a habit.  I felt like the last week of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation was absolutely the easiest.  I also feel now like I don’t know what I am going to do now that it is all over.  Having two shakes a day has been the easiest and most convenient meal prep I have ever done.

I started this lifestyle transformation in hopes to lose my pregnancy weight.  My goal was to lose 12 pounds over the 30 days.  I ended up losing 6.2lbs in the 30 days.  All in all I am still super pleased with these results.  I lost 3 inches off my waist around my belly button.  Which anyone who has had a baby knows there is a lot of extra weight and skin being held right there.  I can fit back into some of my pre pregnancy shorts and my baby is only four months old.  I have a little ways to go before all my shorts and jeans fit, but at least I am halfway there.  I still have some shake powder left over so I plan to keep doing shakes until I run out of all the product to see if I can continue to see results.  I also plan to add in some exercise as well to try and get back down to pre pregnancy weight if not less. There is a variation of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation where you add in an extreme 10 days.  This is when you go without any meals during the 10 days, and do nothing but shakes.  I decided not to do this mostly because I still had to cook food for my family.  There is only so much I can withstand, but I do feel if I had added in this extreme 10 days I would have seen more results.  

Another one of my goals for this transformation was to drink more water.  When I was pregnant I felt like a desert all the time.  I was drinking water as fast as I possibly could.  After my baby was born though I kind of got away from that.  Thankfully drinking water between shakes was crucial to not feel hungry especially the first few days after I started the program.  So I can say I am back to drinking more than half my bodyweight in ounces of water every day.  I can tell when I don’t drink enough water during the day which I think is a good thing to be aware of.  

I don’t know what factor of this program has done this for me but my skin has never been as clear as it is right now.  I don’t know if it is the decrease of processed snacks and desserts.  The addition of the ApotheCherry drink which is supposed to help beautify skin.  Whatever it is I am so happy.  I have not had a single break out in the last thirty days.  I usually suffer from hormonal acne, and I can honestly say I have not suffered from that at all.  I am utterly amazed at how clear and healthy my skin has been looking.  I have not changed anything in my skincare routine.  

I did struggle to remember or even take the ApotheCherry every night.  I found that when I drank it too close to bedtime I was then having to get up a bunch during the night to go to the bathroom.  Also the flavor is intense.  I think you either love it or you hate it.  It is super tart Cherry flavored for sure.  The ApotheCherry has added melatonin in it.  It is to help aid you to a nice sleep, well melatonin has the tendency to give me extremely vivid dreams.  So yes I would sleep soundly with crazy vivid dreams.  Another aspect of the transformation that I didn’t follow exactly is the Super CleansR.  I had taken these capsules before I had done this transformation so I kind of knew how it was going to respond to my body.  The normal amount to take is two capsules daily.  I knew this was a little aggressive for my body.  If I took two it truly would be a deep colon cleanse where I wouldn’t be able to be away from a bathroom for long at all.  Because this is just not likely with a ten year old daughter, and a now four month old son, I had to change the amount I took to still benefit from it, but not be debilitated.  What worked for me was taking one capsule every other day.  

I do like that the program is flexible to what works for you.  You can make it your own to fit your lifestyle, and to get the benefits you want out of it.  I had a few days of extreme exhaustion because my baby wasn’t sleeping at night at all.  So for a couple days in the middle I ate two meals and had one shake.  This is mostly because when I am exhausted my body just craves to eat.  It needs extra food to try and keep itself awake.  I was unable to nap when the baby napped so I just listened to my body and ate two tiny meals during the exhaustion days.  I still tried to watch what I ate, and eat healthy and not overindulge.  I did not want to use my exhaustion as an excuse to eat.  I usually stuck with having a shake for breakfast and lunch then eating my dinner with my family.  There were a couple of occasions though where I switched when my meal was.  I ate at lunch so I had a shake for dinner.  It was nice to be able to so easily switch that around without a huge amount of planning.  The powder and pills are super easy to pack too, if I was going to be away from home during when I would normally have a shake.  This really was a very convenient plan to do when you have a baby.  Instead of having to scarf down food in the ten seconds the baby let me put him down, I could now have a shake whenever even when he was awake rolling around on the ground.  I could sit there and sip my shake.  

I started off loving the Vanilla Chai power shake.  It tasted like Christmas to me.  I had never had a Chai anything, so it was a very strong refreshing flavor.  As I saw my Vanilla Chai stock dwindling I figured I was going to have to give the Original flavor a try.  The Original flavor is not terrible.  But it doesn’t have the strong taste that the Vanilla Chai has.  At first I struggled to drink it.  I got the suggestion to add a scoop of the Can’t Beet This Purium powder to the Original flavor and try that.  I have been using the Can’t Beet This powder for awhile now and it is one of my favorite Purium products.  I decided to give this a go, and try adding in a scoop of it into the Original power shake.  I discovered a new favorite.  I almost preferred this to the Vanilla Chai, so much so that I have more Vanilla Chai leftover than Original and I am almost completely out of the Beet drink.  Neither shake is horrible though and it was easy to drink them every time.  I did not always do the 20oz water with the shake mix.  This was mostly because 20oz is a lot.  And drinking that much made me have so many bathroom trips it was ridiculous.  My normal was 14oz. This kept the shake not too thick that it was unbearable to drink, but not too much water to make me uncomfortable after drinking.  

I would totally tell anyone who was looking to change their body, add in good habits, and just uplift their lifestyle that this is a wonderful program.  I would definitely do it again, and continue the program.  It was a lot easier to follow than I thought it would be and fit very nicely into my life that I have right now.  I am almost sad to think that it is over.  I liked having the See It. Feel It. Track It. Tracker to keep up with as well.  I circled my days on when I was supposed to weigh in and measure on my calendar and I would be excited to do so every 10 days.  With some exercise programs it takes a while to see results.  With this it took 10 days for me to lose weight and inches.  I am definitely a person who is motivated by results.  So seeing results so quickly kept me motivated throughout the whole program. I highly recommend this to anyone. 



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