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My box has arrived!  The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation box was delivered today.  And boy is it packed full of things.  As you open the box on top are a few pamphlets.  Do not discard these too quickly.  You will need these.  The big one is your Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation guide.  It walks you through what you are supposed to take at what time of day.  On the back of that is the See It. Feel It. Track It. tracker which I will show mine filled in later.  Other pamphlets include the Accelerated 30-day schedule, a little note card about the Core 4 Purium program, how to get extra points with your purchases, and then the shipping list of what should be in your box. 

I went for the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation customizable box.  This way I got to pick what shake I wanted to do.  So my two shake choices that I picked were the Super Meal Original and the Super Meal Vanilla Chai.  You get two packs of each.  Upon opening the Super Meal Original it kind of smells like the Purium MVP drink which flavor is Chocolate, so I am hoping the Original flavor means chocolate but I do not know for sure yet.  The Vanilla Chai one though smells delicious.  Your shake is what replaces two of your meals.  It should help reduce cravings, improve energy, fuel cells and create a satisfied feeling. Along with the shake you also get the Super Amino 23 tablets that promote fat burning, skin tightening, and the creation of lean muscle.  Let’s hope so that all sounds amazing.  The next item you get is the Biome Medic.  These tablets are supposed to help improve your digestion, boost mood and immunity.  There are two other products left.  One is another tablet, the Super Cleans-R, which helps your body flush out parasites and release toxins.  The final product is the Apothe Cherry.  This may improve your sleep, beautify skin and create a healthy response to inflammation.  Also in your box you should get a 20 oz shaker bottle, a tape measure, and a free Purium bag. Ok so there you have it.

Super Meal Original
Super Meal Vanilla Chai
Super Amino 23
Biome Medic
Super Cleans-R
Apothe Cherry

Your meals for the next month.

So the next thing I did was fill out my See It. Feel It. Track It. tracker.  I am curious to see how I progress.  So the tracker has spots for you to fill in on Day 0, 10, 20 and 30.  The first set of things to fill in is on a scale from 1-10 how are you feeling.  10 is feeling your best. Here is how I filled in the categories.  

DAY 0:

Digestion- 10

Next set of tracking is body measurements. 

Weight 152.2
Mid-Upper-Arm- 9.5in
Waist Belly Button-38in

And the final set is the consumption of products currently.  1-10 scale with how satisfied you are with your consumption of the following, 10 most satisfied, 1 least satisfied.

Plant-Based Foods-4


Ok so let’s talk about my responses to these.

Back to the first category.  I know my energy, mood, sleep, and skin aren’t completely on point due to the fact that I am just three months postpartum.  I feel like my body is still getting back to it’s normal self.  I do truly hope the Apothe Cherry will help me be able to have a more peaceful sleep at night, though I know some of that will rely on my little baby as well.

My digestion I did rate at a 10 because I haven’t been feeling bloated, backed up, or anything out of the normal with that recently.  I guess we will see if I feel like it gets better through this experience to know if I leveled this too high.

The second section my measurements are obviously my own with no falsification, this is post baby measurements for me and are definitely what I am looking for the most improvement for.  I am ready to fit back into my regular pants and clothes. My goal weight would be 138lbs, which is about where I was pre baby, but if I could lose more than that while still being healthy, I would be extremely elated.

My consumption tracker was really a bit of a wakeup call.  I know my water consumption was wonderful when I was pregnant, but since then I have definitely dropped the ball on how much water I am drinking every day.  My downfall on a daily basis is sugar.  I absolutely love a dessert.  And one of my main cravings when I am feeling the need for a snack is a sugary something.  I put a 10 on caffeine, because I very rarely drink anything with caffeine.  I will have the occasional diet coke, or drink up on Purium’s Can’t Beet This when mornings are particularly hard, but when I mean occasional I mean maybe once or twice every three weeks or so.  Plant-based foods are definitely on the low end in my consumption.  I don’t usually reach for tofu, lentils or quinoa when preparing meals for my family.  The main plant based foods I reach for are fruits, or vegetables.  I do prefer a fruit over a vegetable.

The main flex foods during the program are celery and cucumber which are unlimited in how much you eat.  There are others that you can reach for if you need such as an apple, avocado, or one cup of berries but they are more limited.  I have stocked my fridge up on celery and cucumbers so I have something easy and allowed to reach for during this.  My plan is to just do the normal Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, meaning you supplement two meals a day, but still get to have one meal.  I plan on supplementing my Breakfast and Lunch with then being able to eat dinner with my family.  There is an option to do an Accelerated version where there is a ten day stretch in the middle that you supplement all meals, but I do not know if I can dedicate myself to that kind of extreme plan at this time.  

DAY ONE:  I will start on waking up taking 5 tablets of the Super Amino 23, one 20oz power shake, and 2 Biome Medic capsules.  I will do the same for lunch, then before bed I will take the Apothe-Cherry.  Here is the start of my Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, postpartum, in the hope to get back into my clothes and have a healthier me.

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