Licensed Health Professionals Program

Licensed Health Professionals Program

Purium Health Products has recently launched an exciting Licensed Health Professionals Program and it is based on a simple, but very unique method of “functional nutritional evaluation.”

For more than two decades, Dave Sandoval has been researching, formulating and manufacturing the “clean and green” super foods that have driven the Real Food Revolution. Dave shares his knowledge about the current health issues patients care about most such as weight loss, pain relief, detoxification and more – throughout the world.

Licensed Health Professionals throughout the country are now able take advantage of Purium’s new program and tools, to better educate and provide “real food” nutritional products to their clients. By conducting a simple “functional nutritional evaluation,” with clients, not only will health professionals be able to impact their clients’ health, but could also experience an increase in nutrition revenue within their practice by 200% – 400%!

What are you waiting for? Get enrolled today.

A doctor’s job is not to heal, but to create health where illness once resided.
—Hippocrates, The Father of Modern Medicine
  • A program specifically for Licensed Health Professionals
  • Partner directly with the manufacturer
  • Unique selling system will multiply your sales
  • Purchase products at a 45% discount
  • Earn 45% from Customer Orders
  • Access to Premier Flat Rate Shipping Access to Premier Monthly Product Specials
  • No Tax on orders placed outside of Texas and California

Health Professionals have Additional Powerful & Practical Marketing Materials available to help promote and build their new Purium business.

Health Professional Brochure

Functional Nutrition Evaluation