Million Mom Movement

Million Mom Movement

The Million Mom Movement helps moms take control of their family’s health through the food choices they make. As moms we will do whatever we can to keep our children safe, but because of slick marketing, we often may not realize that the foods we our giving our kids may not be good for them. Cultural influences, convenience and the low price of processed foods can make it very difficult to set a proper foundation of healthy eating habits. The woman in this video is a busy executive who also has two small girls. She started this movement to educate busy moms about lifestyles that can make healthy choices easier. The choices a mother makes about food is reflected in their children’s actions and behaviors. Purium’s main goals are: to help moms see that providing healthy food for their family can also be inexpensive and convenient; teach kids great habits; and raise awareness together. The Million Mom movement is aimed towards not only Moms but Dads as well in an effort for both parents to be able to make an impact with the foods that their kids are eating and the lifestyle that they are providing for their children. The Million Mom Movement is based on strength in numbers and voting with our dollars — this is how we can effect positive change.

Key Points:

  • 1The Million Mom Movement will give you tools to help kids get healthy nutrition and learn the right eating habits
  • 2How much do you know about the processed foods your children are consuming?
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