Purium CBD Oil Info Video

Purium CBD Oil Info Video

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Notice: The Shopping Cart Provider for Purium has pulled the product from the online order system!

You can only get the Purium CBD+ product via our customer service team. To prevent being stuck on hold for a considerable amount of time while we process orders, click the blue text button, give us your number and in the message enter: I want CBD, and one of our customer service agents will contact you to process your order. Retail prices for a single Spray are $119 or a 4 pack for $399. We will give you $50 off your first spray ($69.00) or if you order more than 1 a 25% discount (new customers only).

Don’t let them shut this DOWN!!

Pure + premium hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is super potent, containing 1500mg per bottle. Made in the USA and without any artificial ingredients, CBD+ combines full spectrum and pure CBD extracts in organic hemp seed oil. Every 50mg serving of the naturally-flavored sublingual spray is fast-acting and convenient. Pre-release limit of 5 single bottles per order. Currently not available in Canada.

  • 1500mg of hemp-derived cannabidiol
  • Safe & Effective
  • C02 extraction method (no harmful chemicals used to extract)
  • Peppermint flavor

Order with this link and get $50.00 off your first order!!!

Click Here

Not only has CBD become a leading trend in the wellness community, but so have sublingual sprays. This product has quickly become a forerunner in the race for creating natural supplements that are pure, safe and effective.

We know that this news may surprise some of you, so let’s chat facts!

First Things First

When people hear “CBD,” they may think of marijuana’s mind-altering effects, but this isn’t accurate.

Marijuana contains a psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is responsible for brain fog, euphoria, delayed reactions and the feeling of being “high.”

By contrast, hemp-derived CBD has been used to remove the psychoactive effects of THC!

They look similar, but are very different.

CBD Studies

Although studies of CBD are relatively new, substantial discoveries have been documented to show its success as a form of therapy for many kinds of health functions. Medical doctors, pain relief clinics and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment centers are all showing interest in this using this wellness product.


Greg lost 18 pounds and his wife lost 6 pounds with the 10 Day Transformation. The Purium product line is something he highly recommends and uses himself every day. Greg founded HealthStatus in 1998 and continues to deliver high quality products and services to HealthStatus visitors.

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