Super Meal L.O.V. – Vanilla Chai

Super Meal L.O.V. – Vanilla Chai

The meal replacement just got replaced!

  • May be used as a snack or meal replacement
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Supports healthy digestive function
  • May help increase energy

Purium‘s Super Meal – L.O.V. TM is composed of 30+ pure, premium, natural, whole food ingredients and comes in original and Vanilla Chai. Purium`s Super Meal is a Live, Organic, Vegan meal replacement that is also 7 products in 1:
Weight Loss Formula + Protein Drink + Fiber Supplement + Essential Fatty Acid Supplement + Super-Antioxidant + Immune Support Supplement + Energy Drink!

Servings per container: 30

Instructions for Vanilla Chai L.O.V.: Add 3 scoops of Purium Super Meal to 16 oz of water or your favorite creamy beverage (such as almond, coconut or hemp milk) and mix thoroughly. For best results use a shaker bottle and wait one minute prior to drinking. Enjoy Purium Super Meal once daily. Purium Super Meal can also be added to your favorite smoothie.


More Information

What it is: A one of a kind live, organic, vegan, nutrient dense meal that is made from 36+ superfoods that include green foods, veggies, mushrooms, sprouts and more.
Purium’s Super Meal is gluten-free, soy-free and caffeine-free. Super Meal – L.O.V. comes in two flavors, Vanilla Chai and Original.
Purium’s Super Meal is also considered a:
Super Antioxidant Supplement + Essential Fatty Acid Supplement + Immune Support Supplement + Weight Loss Formula + Sports Performance Product + Energy Drink.


  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Supports healthy digestive function
  • Great source of protein, essential fatty acids & other important nutrients
  • May be used as a snack or meal replacement

Interesting Facts:

Organic Fermented Rice Protein – More protein than hemp, low-fat, great source of energy, great supplement for athletes, also provides essential amino acids, vitamins B and E, fiber and good complex carbohydrates. Rice protein is also hypoallergenic – meaning it is easier to digest than most sources of protein.
Organic Flax Powder – Provides the body with valuable omega 3 fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid), beneficial lignan-rich fiber, and magnesium among other nutrients. May help support normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels and aid in restoring the natural hormonal balance of the body. Some studies show it may also assist in the reduction of the risk for breast and colon cancer.
Organic Dark Buckwheat – Not technically a grain, it comes from a fruit seed in the rhubarb family, and is therefore gluten free. Buckwheat contains a rich supply of flavonoids, particularly rutin, and may help regulate blood sugar and lower one’s risk of diabetes. Dark buckwheat is made from unhulled seeds and has more fiber than its lighter counterpart. Very high in many vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin K, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, and manganese.
Organic Maca – Used by the Andean people for two thousand years, Maca is often cited as the food Inca imperial warriors ate before battle. Maca is an amazing source of energy that has gained widespread attention for its role in improving the libidos of both males and females – this is thought to be due to the optimum levels of nutrients it supplies which are aptly utilized by the body’s endocrine system.
Organic Apple – an apple a day keeps the doctor away! They also help keep bowel distress away due to high water binding ability and may support the body’s natural defenses against breast cancer.
Organic Rhodiola – thought to be helpful for reducing stress, this herb has been used for centuries throughout Asia. May also help to support a healthy immune system and may also alleviate symptoms of depression.
Organic Eleuthero – A relative of ginseng, this herb is also considered an “adaptogen” – meaning it adapts to help your body either relax or have energy, depending on what it needs. Eleuthero is also thought to help increase mental acuity and is considered a great source of stamina and endurance for athletes. May also support the liver in the detoxification of harmful toxins.
Organic Pumpkin – Used by many cultures as a good source of iron, fiber, and other minerals.
Organic Quinoa – More calcium than milk and a great source of protein, this grain is gluten-free.
Organic Red Clover Sprout – This herb is rich in isoflavones and has been used historically by Asians and Europeans as a general immune enhancer, muscle relaxant, and an expectorant. Contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and K and the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc and trace minerals carotene, chlorophyll and amino acids. They are 26% protein.
Organic Sunflower sprouts are high in vitamins A and C.
Amaranth sprouts are great sources of most of the B vitamins and vitamin A and are also considered anti-diarrheal and anti-hemorrhagic.
Organic Flax Sprouts – Sprouting doubles the ORAC score of the flaxseed (measure of antioxidants).
Organic Lentil Sprouts are a great source of protein (1 cup equals approx 45 g of protein), vitamins A, B, C and E, the minerals iron, calcium, and phosphorus.
Organic Millet Sprout – rich in fiber and the B complex vitamins, also aids in detoxification and digestive health.
Organic Garbanzo Bean Sprout – rich in vitamins A, C, and E, the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, and amino acids – contains 20% protein.
Organic Maitake Mushroom – The only fresh vegetable or fruit that is a significant source of vitamin D, Maitake is also a good source of B3, B9, and choline and contains a beneficial compound called Beta glucan. Maitake, is known for its anti-tumor and immune supporting functionality. Research suggests that Maitake may also help lower your risk for certain cancers.
Organic Cordycep