Which of these are you?

Which of these are you?

When it comes to our nutrition, most of want to eat better, we just don’t know how. What really makes a change and gets us ready to break out of our old bad eating routines we need some motivation.

All food was organic. Vegetables grew from the earth. Fruit was picked directly from the tree. And farmers actually farmed.

Pure, nutrient-dense foods were abundant and chemically-preserved foods were almost non-existent. Food was fresh. The soil was filled with minerals. The water was pure.

Everything our bodies needed, we received from the earth.

Our food is filled with artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, pesticides, irradiated ingredients, and now, genetically-modified ingredients. According to medical experts, this “franken-food” is confusing our bodies and causing health issues that could be easily prevented.

We are crazy busy. We live in fast forward mode and there seems to be no time for anything. We are consumed by texts, emails, social media, work, bills, and other responsibilities. And the people who may have it the toughest of all are busy moms. They care for their families and never seem to have time for themselves.

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