PURIUM: The Opportunity

PURIUM: The Opportunity


Owning a business and attaining an independent lifestyle is just a dream for many.  For the ones that have stepped out and taken on the responsibility, made the effort, and gotten results, the dream is an AWESOME reality.  Starting from scratch is daunting, business requirements, inventory, a place to do business, marketing plans, websites, credit card processors, a big bank account and a bunch of other details keep most people on the sidelines.  I will let you in on a secret, there are ways to start a business without all those barriers.  Success is totally based on your commitment and your results producing efforts.  When you stack quality products, a quality marketing process, and you work in a niche that helps people feel better, the work hardly seems like effort.

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Key Points:

  • 1The business model is not about selling it’s about sharing $50.00 gift cards.
  • 2The Million Mom movement is about mothers taking back their pantries and replacing bad foods with organic, all-natural and green foods.
  • 3Get your own organic foods super store, no inventory, no building costs.

Your referred code is: [purium_code]

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