Are you looking for a new business venture? An easy way to make extra money? This video is the answer. It is focused on a company called Purium. This company sells Health products and has amazing business opportunities. From the video you will see, one thing that makes this company different than other direct sales company is that how you get customers is by giving gift cards. For every fifty dollar gift card that someone redeems towards a pack, you will get fifty dollars. Then once that customer is established, you will continue to make commission off their purchases in to the future. Another perk pointed out in this video is that this company is easy to do and flexible. It is all internet based and can be done from home computer or even smartphone all in your own time. You get to make up your own hours. This company would be perfect for moms wanting to stay at home with their children. The company offers a program called the million mom movement which is led by one of the owners. This program is designed to encourage moms to rid their pantry of processed foods and replace it with clean and green foods.

Key Points:

  • 1The business model is not about selling it’s about sharing.
  • 2The Million Mom movement is about mothers taking back their pantries and replacing bad foods with organic, all-natural and green foods.
  • 3The Purium community members seen to be very enthusiastic about their futures with the company.

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