Purium: The Company

Purium: The Company

Purium helps customers lead healthy lifestyles. Purium products include real food that is extremely fast to prepare. The company can help people either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight through products that encourage and support the development and maintenance of habits that promote a healthy life.

People at all stages of seeking healthy lifestyle patterns can benefit from Purium health products. Customers include athletes who have prioritized healthy disciplines and weight management for years and those just beginning to shed unhealthy lifestyle patterns and to build new habits that promote overall health.

The Purium cleanse is particularly helpful for the many people who are caught in the high speed expectations of our society, choosing processed, chemically tainted products that harm our bodies but help us save a little time. The cleanse rids the body of that toxic materials that our bodies were never intended to consume. Being freed of this, the body then craves real, organic food.

The unnatural food choices that bombard our culture today are a relatively new development. Less than a hundred years ago, all food was fresh and natural. Certainly that means it needs to be either eaten quickly or stored appropriately, but all the preservatives associated with most of the food eaten today are the sources of many toxins that we consume whenever we eat most convenience food.

Almost every product available at a grocery store, convenience store, or restaurant includes artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. These additives do much more than improve the aesthetic and bring a desired taste; they add harmful chemicals to the things we consume. The word artificial is very important when looking at food options, because it actually means that the whole product is no longer real food because of those additives. Most of what we call food today is in fact not really food at all; that is, these are products that our bodies can’t handle well. Many of the chemicals added to these products are also highly addictive, so they keep us making terribly unhealthy decisions and giving our money to the companies whose products we’ve become addicted to. If our lifestyles are filled with the consumption of chemicals our bodies can’t handle, severe illnesses are practically inevitable, and our life spans can be cut short by the decision to continue following such patterns.

In addition to compromising on food choices, the busy patterns of life most of us are subject to today keeps us much less active than the people of past generations. Our jobs keep us sitting much more often and for much longer periods of time than is good for us. We may not be able to do anything but those kinds of patterns, but that makes what we eat even more important as we desperately need many types of nutrients that physical inactivity actually drains from us.

Purium health products are all pure, organic super foods. There is nothing artificial, so you can be sure that you are eating only what your body really needs, only real food. All Purium products are derived from organic produce that was grown and harvested fresh from the farm and never chemically processed. You can find types of fresh fruits and vegetables, plants, grains, and extracts through Purium. These include several types of super foods that are not available at most grocery stores. Purium concentrates and dehydrates produce in a way that keeps the produce’s vital life source. The word organic literally means alive; if our food does not have life in it, we actually run the risk of it killing us. Purium makes sure that the organic life remains in all its products so that they are life-giving as food is supposed to be. In addition to this, the process also maintains the produce’s natural flavors.

Many people have become attached to the excuse that healthy food doesn’t taste good, but only people who have become dependent on and addicted to artificial food can actually say this as it is a sign that they haven’t experienced the natural flavors of real food. Artificial flavorings and sweeteners can numb our senses of taste, but when we taste real food, our taste buds are activated just as they’re supposed to be. So the entirety of one’s self is benefited from healthy food. We all know it’s better for us, but if we’ll just become willing to try it, we realize that we can enjoy flavors in ways completely impossible with all the artificiality present in most of what we tend to consume.

Key Points

  • 1Purium products are healthy and great tasting foods that come straight from the farm and they have no genetically altered material and no dangerous or addictive chemicals.
  • 2People at all stages of seeking healthy lifestyle patterns can benefit from Purium health products.
  • 3Purium products include real food that is extremely fast to prepare.

So Purium products are healthy and great tasting foods that come straight from the farm. They have no genetically altered material and no dangerous or addictive chemicals. Because the produce is delivered to you straight from the farm, there is no room for corrupt business practices that take advantage of our busy lifestyles to fill the things we are about to consume with addictive toxins that keep us buying their products even though they could very well be killing us.

At Purium, you will find a fully online superstore where you can purchase the fresh, natural fruits, vegetables, and grains straight from the farm. Skin care products and a special array of super foods particularly for children are available at Purium. All the farm fresh products are organically certified through the USDA. This certification ensures that the manufacturing that takes place to create the products you can buy at Purium is always accomplished with the utmost attention to safety, purity, and maintenance of all the natural benefits associated with the types of produce in each product. 

Based on the CORE 3 ideal that proteins, fruits, and vegetables provide the most important nutrients that our bodies need as fuel on a daily basis, all of Purium’s products come from super foods that ensure the daily levels needed of many essential nutrients. Protein is necessary for building lean muscles and for equipping the body and brain to function well in all daily activities. Fruits are especially helpful for lowering our stress levels, improving our sleep patterns, and minimizing daily damage to our bodies. Vegetables are the greatest sources of energy available. This is not the quick energy of sugared and caffeinated products that do give us a heightened sense of awareness for a very short time only to be followed by a rough crash. Instead, this is real energy that keeps us going throughout the whole day but that does need to be replenished multiple times per day. Vegetables are the best sources of this real energy. The natural properties of vegetables also provide us with the best ways to naturally control blood sugar levels and to maintain a healthy weight. 

Purium offers you three ways in which you can choose a lifestyle that works best for you: the CORE 3 Daily program, the 10 day Transformation program, and the Athlete’s pack. First, the CORE 3 Daily program is best for those who need to put out the least level of personal effort in their newfound health regimen. You don’t have to give up the busy, time-consuming aspects of your life to start preparing food and doing other activities that you just can’t seem to find time for. But even as you continue your busy lives, Purium will help you to fit some quick, convenient lifestyle changes into that busy life without making you any busier. It helps you make the most of your time, it does not take away any of the precious time you depend on each day. It is a simple process of three products per day. You start off your day with protein, so that your brain and body can get prepared to work for you like they’re supposed to throughout the rest of the day. This also helps to make up for any exercise you might be missing due to your busy schedule. Of course it is best to use the protein as a supplement to a healthy exercise routine, but even when you’re not able to exercise or if your type of exercise doesn’t include muscle building workouts, you can still build muscle as a result of the protein you take in the morning. Later in the day, the vegetable based product gives you the type of food energy that is derived from cellular respiration. Purium has a specially made fruit juice for nighttime use in the CORE 3 Daily program. In addition to the blood sugar and weight benefits associated with fruits, this fruit juice also helps your body naturally fight against the effects of aging while you are asleep, which is precisely why it’s best to drink it shortly before going to bed. Each of the three products is prepared simply by adding water, so you can get all these essential nutrients without making any dent in your busy schedule. Purium’s CORE 3 Daily program is the fastest and most convenient way to get the nutrients your body needs the most through proteins, vegetables, and fruits helping you to get and stay healthier, to feel more energetic throughout the day, to look younger, and even to get your kids healthier.

Second, the 10 day Transformation program is what first brought the Purium company to the forefront of the health food/whole foods industry. As the name implies, the 10 day Transformation program is a complete metabolic re-tuning. It includes detoxification and a cleanse, to rid the body of all the unhealthy chemicals and toxins that have been consumed. For ten days, you will avoid all processed foods. That may seem like an insurmountable challenge right now, but Purium will provide everything you need to start new eating habits. It’s not a fast, so you won’t be hungry during this time. It’s a reprogramming. From everything we’ve talked about so far concerning how much damage processed foods do to our bodies, you can probably start to see how just a short time of freeing your body from their impact can be a great start towards a healthier, happier life than is possible with a dependence on processed food. Customers who follow this program have reported dramatic improvements of their overall well-being all within only ten days. That means that this is the ideal program for anyone looking for major health changes in a very short time. Weight loss is one of the most appreciated side effects of this program, and the Purium cleanse in particular, as many have reported losing around ten pounds in those same ten days. That happens as your body is enabled to burn fat faster and more effectively than is possible with the consumption of processed, artificial foods. Even though weight loss may not be your main motivation for getting healthier or the priority in the use of this program, the 10 day Transformation program offers an extremely healthy, fast, easy, and inexpensive way to lose weight. The main point of the transformation, regardless of your weight, is to help break bad eating habits and to establish new, healthy habits in a short time. In addition to the proteins, fruits, and vegetables of the daily program, the 10 day Transformation program includes products for hydration and elimination to create a healthy process of detoxification. Another one of the myths about healthy food is that is that it is too expensive, however one of the great side effects of the transformation program is an improvement of finances. After ten days without any processed food, your body will naturally crave the good that you’ve given it in those ten days. This means that after you complete the Purium cleanse, you will probably spend a lot less money on food. Organic and natural food stores often have the appearance of being expensive, but when you let go of the food that’s harming you, you’ll find out that you’re actually spending less money for food. Plus, you will probably be able to cut down greatly on medical expenses, helping you learn first-hand just how much money you can really save by living a healthy lifestyle.

The last of the three programs is the Purium Athlete’s pack. This program also lasts ten days, like the transformation program. It includes more protein for muscle building, more nutrients that are combined specifically for your performance needs and for muscle recovery between workouts. Regardless of your athletic level, the athlete’s pack helps you to improve your performance, to feel better in general, to increase endurance, and to look your best. 

Once you have chosen the option that works the best for you, then you can join the Purium Lifestyle Club, through which you will be entitled to discounts on all product orders and on shipping and handling. Being part of the Purium Lifestyle Club will keep you aware of all the new products Purium has available for you, and that membership will offer you assistance towards continuing the healthy life after the process of the initial program that you choose to follow. It’s like a buyer’s club for super foods which means that what you buy will impact your health to such a degree that it will also result eventually in considerable money savings. All Purium health products come with a 60-day guarantee, so if you feel the need to return anything you purchase and do so within 60 days, Purium will refund you for the entirety of the cost of that product. 

Whichever program you choose, Purium has a way for you to drastically improve your health through the development of a healthy lifestyle. All food you can buy from Purium is first and foremost real food. It includes all the nutrients of super foods that are neglected in so many peoples’ diets. It’s extremely simple and quick to prepare. All natural flavors are retained so it will always taste great. The 60 day money back guarantee is one of the longest in the industry.  This means that you are guaranteed to feel better on a daily basis with lifestyle changes promoted through the programs and all products that Purium has to offer.

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HealthStatus has been operating since 1998 providing the best interactive health tools on the Internet, millions of visitors have used our health risk assessment, body fat and calories burned calculators. The HealthStatus editorial team has continued that commitment to excellence by providing our visitors with easy to understand high quality health content for many years.

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