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Pandemics, protests, forest fires, cold weather, tornados, hurricanes and floods over the past 18 months or so, should have taught us to “be prepared”.    When there’s no power, refrigeration fails. Stores with their shelves stripped bare close. ATMs can’t operate. Deliveries stop. Then what? These events can last days or weeks. You need a plan.  Instead of choosing healthy options for emergency food, people are stocking their pantries with foods like tuna, evaporated milk, toaster waffles and ramen noodles.  Really??  That is what you want to live on?

Won’t the government step in?  In statements made during recent interviews, former FEMA administrator Brock Long has repeatedly urged all Americans to understand three truths: “FEMA is broke. The system is broken. If this is the new normal, Americans can’t rely on a federal cavalry when disaster strikes. They will have to take care of themselves.”

Those are his exact words! Administrator Long’s first two points deserve some rigorous reflection. His third and most important point is something we should all act on before disasters strike and FEMA fails to deliver (again). We must be our own first responders.

The best emergency food supply that you can have is something that is easy to prepare, with or without electricity, lasts on the shelf for over a year, can be consumed by the entire family, is nutrient dense, and is not just chemical food, but as close to wholesome grown food as possible. 

Because you’ll probably expend more energy than you normally would during your emergency plan, you should eat high-energy, high-protein foods. If the emergency is disease-related (as in the coronavirus pandemic of 2020), it is especially important to eat nutritious foods that will help you maintain good health, and supplement as needed. And because you’ll have a limited supply in your emergency preparedness kit, the higher-quality foods you eat the better. While this sounds like a tall order, there are options available that check each box.

Must Haves:

First let’s talk about some must haves for your emergency stash.  A first aid kit is the most important thing that you can have, and it should be a substantial one, not one of those with 6 band aids, 6 ibuprofen and some antiseptic packets.  Consider any conditions or medications that your family has and needs to address on a regular basis, make sure you have options in the first aid kit. Other supplies on your list should include a flashlight, battery-powered or hand-cranked radio, and emergency battery power for your cell phone.

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Water, several gallons of drinkable water are always good to have on hand.  If you have some notice of an impending storm you can always fill up a bathtub to give you an extra reserve (boil it for three minutes before drinking).  You can also use the spicket on your hot water heater to access the many gallons of water stored there.  If you have gone with a tankless water heater system, you definitely need a bigger reserve. Try to stock at least a three-day supply, a week is better, you need at least one gallon per person per day. A normally active person should drink at least a half-gallon of water each day. The other half gallon is for adding to food and washing.


Food, if you have several days without electricity or a situation that makes it impossible to get to a food source you need quality food as provision. If the electricity goes out, how do you know what is and isn’t safe to eat from the refrigerator? If your food has spent more than four hours over 40º Fahrenheit, don’t eat it. As long as frozen foods have ice crystals or are cool to the touch, they’re still safe.

If you don’t have electricity, you may still be able to cook or heat your food. If you have outdoor access, a charcoal or gas grill or camping stove is a viable option (these can’t be used indoors because of improper ventilation). If you’re stuck indoors, keep a supply of Sterno handy: Essentially heat in a can, it requires no electricity and can warm up small amounts of food in cookware.

For an excellent source of nutrient dense, easy to store products, we recommend the Purium line of products.   Purium is best known as a transformational eating program, but with its long shelf life and excellent nutritional value it makes a great choice as an emergency food supply.   Purium products can be kept on a shelf for up to two years.  Many of the products are certified organic, so you are not consuming crazy chemically preserved foods.  Additionally, gluten free, kosher, vegan options are available within the product line.

All you need to fix a nutrient dense meal equivalent is a shaker bottle, water and a couple of scoops of the product.  Shake for half a minute and enjoy the different offerings that Purium has to offer.  Apple berry, Vanilla Chai, Chocolate and other flavors are available in the product line.

All the Purium foods can be consumed by the entire family, but Purium has kid specific products as well, that are stacked with protein and in kid friendly chocolate flavors.   If I still had teenagers in the house, I would also have the athlete packs available for them which are a bit more filling and loaded with even more protein and some extra calories.  The juice bar in a bag gives you six different products to mix with or take in addition to the other products to give you some citrus providing vitamin C.

More Than Food

We mentioned first aid earlier, depending on your situation, especially with floods or cold weather your immune system will be challenged.  Purium has supplements with all-natural ingredients that may give your immune system a boost during trying and stressful conditions.

Beyond Your Household:

You should also consider if you would be sharing your emergency supply with neighbors, friends and family and stock accordingly.  Such a store can be a bit expensive as well, but it is like any other insurance that you pay but hope that you never need it.   The great thing about the Purium foods are they are tasty and good for you.  So as the expiration date approaches, you can use the products and replace with a fresh supply.  Eating healthy for 30 days may change your life, you won’t believe how good you feel.

Take Action:

By ordering today you’ll have the peace of mind that only comes with the ability to feed yourself and those you love in any crisis situation.  We think you’ll agree you cannot put a price tag on the personal freedom that comes with being prepared.

Emergency Food List:

For the household:
  •                 Immuno Max Capsules
  •                 Vir-U-Sure
  •                 Bee-energetic
  •                 Daily Fiber
  •                 Juice Bar in a Bag
  •                 Measuring spoons
For each adult:
For each teenager:
For each child (pre-teen):


All Purium products come with a 60-day money back guarantee.


Have on hand 1 gallon of water per person per day!

Greg lost 32 pounds (and counting) with the Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and Core 4 programs during 2020. The Purium product line is something he highly recommends and uses himself every day. Greg founded HealthStatus in 1998 and continues to deliver high quality products and services to HealthStatus visitors.

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Greg lost 32 pounds (and counting) with the Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and Core 4 programs during 2020. The Purium product line is something he highly recommends and uses himself every day. Greg founded HealthStatus in 1998 and continues to deliver high quality products and services to HealthStatus visitors.

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