Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing Face Masks In Public

We can probably all agree that wearing a mask in public is not ideal, but it is necessary if we want to stay safe throughout the course of this pandemic. But there seems to be some confusion about what you can and can’t do when it comes to wearing a face mask in public. Check out our list of dos and don’ts so you can be sure you’re wearing them correctly and keeping yourself (and others) safe.


1. DO Wear It Over Your Nose and Mouth

Some people make the mistake of thinking they can wear their masks over just their mouth, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the mask. Make sure you’re wearing your mask over both your nose and mouth. If you find it hard to breathe, get a more breathable mask. For instance, the KN95 face masks from Green Supply offer many benefits, including an elastic earloop, five layers of protection and an adjustable nose piece.


2. DON’T Keep Reusing Disposable Masks

Disposable masks are only for one-time use, so avoid wearing them more than once. You might be tempted to reuse them because you might’ve only worn one for a quick trip to the grocery store, but don’t. Instead of reusing disposable masks, get yourself reusable masks so you can simply wash and wear them over and over again.


3. DO Keep the Mask on When Talking to People

It might be hard to hear others or speak to them since the mask covers the mouth so snuggly, but it’s best to keep your mask on even if you see someone you know and want to go strike up a conversation. If the clerk at the store can’t understand you, try to speak slower and louder without removing your mask.


4. DON’T Adjust Your Mask Every 5 Minutes

We’re supposed to be avoiding touching our faces while in public places, and adjusting your face mask every five minutes certainly counts as touching your face. Try to adjust your mask comfortably when you first put it on and avoid touching it again until after you’re able to put on some hand sanitizer after leaving the store.


5. DO Wash Your Hands Before Putting on the Mask

Before you put your mask on, make sure to wash your hands, especially if you’re going to a place where you’re in contact with a lot of people. Washing your hands before you put on your mask can help limit the spread of the virus, so make sure you do it for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water.


6. DON’T Go Too Long Without Washing It

Washing your face mask should be a no-brainer. You wouldn’t go without washing your clothes or your coat for extended periods of time, so don’t do it with your face masks. Wash them at least once a week at minimum, but a few times per week would be even better.  


Staying Safe During the Pandemic

Wearing a face mask isn’t the most comfortable (or natural) thing to do, but since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we have to do our part to keep each other safe. Follow these tips to ensure you’re wearing your mask correctly when out in public.  



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