Get Summer Ready: Top Tips To Stay Safe In The Sun

It’s taken a while but summer is here. Most of us revel in this time of year and our enjoyment will have been significantly increased due to the fact that this year, unlike last, we are less restricted by guidelines set due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wherever you are based in the world it’s likely a time where you’ll spend more time outdoors than most of the rest of the year. Therefore, it’s important to be well prepared to take into account any of the resultant issues that can come during the summer months.

To help you get ready for the season here are some summer safety   tips, some more basic than others, to keep you and your loved ones safe.  


Wear Sunscreen and Lots of It!

It’s hot out there! Your skin needs protection and dependent on your own specific level of sunscreen, you should wear it and apply it excessively if needed. If you are planning a long trip to the beach or the pool then make sure the sunscreen you use is waterproof and regularly reapply.

Be sure to cover as much of your body as possible and ask for help for those areas you can’t reach. Also remember that wearing sunscreen doesn’t make you invincible or immune from damage. In other words, even if you have sunscreen on you shouldn’t spend too much time exposed to the sun.


UVA Protection from Your Sunglasses

Make sure you get your sunglasses on for your time outdoors and check to see if the model you use offers a good level of UVA protection. The cost of good sunglasses isn’t as high as it used to be, such is the additional benefit of online shopping, so when shopping for discount eyeglasses be sure to pick up sunglasses for the summer months.

Your eyes can get severely damaged by the sun, much like your skin, and protecting them should be very high up on your list of priorities this summer, along with getting a nice safe tan.


Limit Your Exposure to the Sun

Maybe where you are based it’s cold nine months of the year and that will leave you itching to get out there when it’s sunny and warm. However, don’t overdo it. There is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.  

Every person reacts differently to the sun but all of us should limit our exposure to direct sunlight. Between 10am and 3pm it can be very dangerous to be outside and under the potentially harmful rays of the sun. Maybe consider early morning walks or late evening strolls, there’s also less people around at the beach or by the pool at these times, so it’s a win/win thing.


Cover Yourself Whenever Possible

Yes you may have done some extra work in the gym and want to show off your magnificent physique, but be sensible. If you’ve taken a dip in the sea and are relaxing on the beach, cover yourself up when you can.  

Wear loose fitting clothing that will be more comfortable in the sun, light colors are also a better option than dark and try to stay in the shade during the peak hours of the day.


Check the UV Index

Some times of the year, depending on where you are based, there will be times when the sun’s rays are even more dangerous than others. So as well as checking the temperature ahead of a trip outside, take a look at the UV index to see just where your locality sits in terms of the risk of being outside for too long.


Stay Hydrated

When you are out and enjoying the sun, especially having not been outside enjoying it for a long time, you can forget to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure to have bottles of water with you, in your car, at the beach.  

This is particularly important for young ones and those who may be more vulnerable to the elements. Make sure you drink as much as possible as heat stroke and other side-effects of prolonged exposure to the sun, heat and humidity can be very problematic if not guarded against.


Get to Know Your Area  

The summer can seem to fly by, but in reality it’s getting longer for most of us. It’s a season that is clearly impacted by climate change and you need to stay one step ahead at all times.  

No doubt you and your family will spend prolonged periods at certain places in your neighborhood. In order to be best prepared, why not map out (even if it’s just in your head) where you can go to avoid too much exposure. The places you spend time in should be considered in relation to areas of shade and protection.  

If you allow your kids time to enjoy themselves on their own, make sure they stay to a schedule that keeps them out of harm’s way.  

If you are holidaying then this is all the more important. Preparation is key and can help to reduce and mitigate against the risks that are very real.


Enjoy Yourselves, But Stay Prepared

Clearly we all enjoy the summer sun and no one would suggest you should lock up your towels and swimsuits. Most safety guidelines won’t hamper or hinder your enjoyment of the season. In fact, knowing the dangers and shielding yourself from them will give you the ability to relax and make the most of the delights of a summer that is carefree but cautious.



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